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Looking For The Best Beds?

Look no further. We stock a selection of the best beds for sale in your budget range. Compare bed types and prices on our website or find the best bed for you with our innovative Comfort Solutions Lab® and buy a bed based on science.

Be Sure You Buy the Perfect Bed

Using cutting-edge pressure point mapping technology, we can find the best beds for your personal comfort requirements. The Comfort Solutions Lab® will tell you exactly what type of support and surface tension your body requires for a good night's sleep. There's never been a simpler and more conclusive way to find the right bed.

"We have refined the technology to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect mattress for each of our clients."

Bed King founder, Mervyn Ewertse

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Buy Beds That Suit Your Budget

Our strong relationships with leading local manufacturers allow us to develop and supply the best beds in South Africa at each price point. Our range of quality beds include bed sets, adjustable beds, wooden beds, bed frames, bunk beds and storage beds. Browse our online store for excellent bed deals or find beds near you with our store locator.

We Deliver Across South Africa

Our convenient eCommerce site and nationwide bed delivery means there's no need to search 'beds for sale near me' anymore. Shop our range of single, three-quarter, double, queen, king and super king beds and we'll deliver it to your door.

How To Know Which Is The Best Bed To Buy

Finding a bed that suits your sleep needs, nevermind at a bed price that suits your pocket, might seem daunting if you consider the amount of quality beds for sale in South Africa. Follow these guidelines to simplify how to choose your next bed.

Top Tips To Buy The Best Beds In South Africa

Do Your Research.

Our knowledgeable bed experts are highly trained and able to tell you more about each mattress type.

Good Sleep Is Priceless.

Ask our team to determine your specific needs and recommend a range of beds that will benefit you. We're confident we have the right bed at the right price for you.

Get A Medical Opinion.

If you have an underlying health condition, first get medical advice about the type of bed you need. We will then gladly take the time to identify those beds that match the bed type recommended to you.

Know Your Measurements.

Before you go bed shopping, measure your height. Most beds are offered in standard (183cm) and extra length (200cm), so make sure you get the correct length of bed.

Get Personal With Your Partner.

Sharing a bed with someone means that both your bed requirements need to be taken into account. Ask our team which mattress type will serve you both best.

Check Up On Warranties.

Ask us about our mattress and bed warranty policies or read our mattress warranty frequently asked questions.

Feel It Out.

If you want to lie down on our mattresses before making a final decision - visit us in-store at your nearest Bed King branch.

Embrace Technology.

Use our Comfort Solutions Lab® to get a 100% objective reading on your body's unique sleep requirements.

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