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Beds For Sale

You've arrived at the perfect destination for your sleep needs. No matter what you're looking for, we've got a Bed for you! Browse our range of Beds or visit our revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab, found in every store, to find your perfect mattress through some simple science.

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Bed Sets

Choose from a beautifully curated selection of classic and contemporary bed sets that will elevate the look and feel of any room in your home.

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Memory Foam Beds

Enjoy the many exceptional health benefits of a memory foam bed - our collection has been hand-selected based on quality, durability and affordability.

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Latex Beds

Latex beds are hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew and known to provide exceptional support.

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Adjustable Beds

Leave sleepless nights behind with the total comfort and perfect support of an adjustable bed that features advanced ergonomic design and user-friendly technology.

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Wooden Beds

Add warmth and elegance to your bedroom with a wooden bed and enjoy the added benefit of style and durability. Browse our curated selection of wooden beds here.

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Storage Beds

Make the most of snug spaces by investing in a storage bed that doubles up as a convenient space to store linen, clothing, towels, bedding, personal effects, and more.

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Bunk Beds

Perfect for kids' rooms, dorm rooms, backpackers and more, bunk beds are fun, affordable and wonderfully ergonomic. Peruse our selection here.

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Metal Beds

Metal beds are the delightful combination of minimalistic design, superb durability and meticulous craftsmanship. This is what make them a practical and stylish addition to any bedroom

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Bed In A Box

Tight spaces call for innovative bed solutions. Cue: Bed in a box - the perfect option when entry to your home or bedroom is a little less spacious.

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The Scientific Way to Sleep

Finding the right bed for sale can be a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be with the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Comfort Solutions Lab uses unique pressure mapping technology to identify and map out your pressure points, assigning you a Comfort Solutions Number which correlates to various beds in our Comfort Solutions range. These beds will relieve pressure and provide ultimate comfort all night long.

Build your dream Bed

Finding your dream bed is often a time-consuming and tedious process, which is why we created the Comfort Solutions Lab to help you find the bed for you in a flash. And now we've taken it one step further! Because at Bed King, we believe that you should have the freedom to create your own dream bed. This is why we've developed a Comfort Solutions Signature Range with customised mattress components that can be mixed and matched to create your dream sleeping surface.

Comfort Capsule

The Comfort Capsule is the uppermost section of your bed, featuring layers of different density Pure Foams® which provide heaps of comfort all night long. The Comfort Capsule® in all Signature Collection® beds is fully removable and is attached with our signature lock closure. This means that the topper won't slip off the bed as you move. The Comfort Capsule® can be rotated as needed with ease for even wear and can be replaced after a few years, without having to replace the entire bed. Your unique Comfort Solutions Number®, determined by the Comfort Solutions Lab®, will indicate the correct topper for your needs.

Support Capsule

The Support Capsule® refers to the supportive spring unit of your mattress. This layer features your full pocket spring units and some Pure Foam® to add a little comfort. The Support Capsule also has brilliant edge support, which ensures that your mattress won't sag around the edges. This layer is not designed to be slept on but is merely the first building block to your dream bed. The correct Support Capsule® is determined by the Comfort Solutions Lab®. Your unique Comfort Solutions Number® will indicate which Support Capsule® is best for you.


It all ends with the right base, one that will provide a beautiful and elegant foundation for your dream bed. Browse our range of beautiful bases and pair it with an elegant headboard to add a touch of class to your bedroom sanctuary.

To build your dream bed today, visit your nearest store to be taken to the Comfort Solutions Lab. From there, you will be assigned a Comfort Solutions Number®, indicating the level of support and comfort needed in your Support Capsule® and Comfort Topper®. Alternatively, make a Comfort Solutions Lab® booking here.

How To Know Which Is The Best Bed To Buy?

Finding a bed that suits your sleep needs, never mind at a bed price that suits your budget, might seem daunting if you consider the amount of quality beds for sale in South Africa. Follow these guidelines to simplify how to choose your next bed

  • Do Your Research
    Our knowledgable bed experts are highly trained and are able to tell you more about each bed type
  • Good Sleep Is Priceless
    Ask our team to determine your specific needs through the use of our Comfort Solutions Lab to recommend a bed that is suitable to you. We are confident that we have the right bed at the right price for you
  • Get A Medical Opinion
    If you have an underlying health condition, first get medical advice about the type of bed you need. We will then gladly take the time to identify those beds that match the bed type recommended to you
  • Know Your Measurements
    Before you go bed shopping, measure your height. Most beds are offered in standard (183cm) and extra length (200cm), so make sure you get the correct length of bed
  • Get Personal With Your Partner
    Sharing a bed with someone means that both your bed requirements need to be taken into account. Find a mattress that will serve you both best based on a pressure point analysis in our Comfort Solutions Lab.
  • Check Up On Warranties
    Ask us about our mattress and bed warranty policies or read our mattress warranty frequently asked questions
  • Feel It Out
    If you want to lie down on our mattresses before making a final decision - visit us in-store at your nearest Bed King branch
  • Embrace Technology
    Use our Comfort Solutions Lab® to get a 100% objective reading on your body's unique sleep requirements


What is the best Bed to buy?

If you have a medical condition, or simply aren’t sure which bed is best for you, you’re in the perfect place. With the Comfort Solutions Lab® and our customisable Comfort Solutions Signature Collection®, you have the opportunity to create your dream sleeping surface and find the right bed for your unique needs.

What size Beds are available?

We have Single Beds, Three Quarter Beds, Double Beds, Queen Beds, King Beds and Super King Beds for sale.

What size Bed is best for two people?

If you are a couple that doesn’t mind sharing a tighter space, you might find that a Double Bed is a perfect fit. However, if you prefer your own space while sharing a space, try a Queen Bed, King Bed or Super King Bed for an ultra-luxurious and spacious sleeping surface.

What are Bed warranties?

A Bed Warranty is an agreement wherein the manufacturer will repair or replace, at their discretion, the bed at a cost to the customer. This is usually between 8 and 15 years and is not an indication of the lifespan of the bed. A Bed Warranty kicks in after the Bed Guarantee (read below) has lapsed. It is important to read the terms and conditions that come with your purchased bed to understand the full scope of your warranty.

What are Bed guarantees?

A Bed Guarantee is an agreement between the manufacturer and customer wherein the manufacturer agrees to cover the full cost of the repair or replacement of damaged or faulty goods caused by a manufacturing fault (faulty workmanship or materials). This is decided at the manufacturer's discretion. A guarantee ranges from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the product. It is important to read the terms and conditions that come with your purchased bed to ensure that you understand the scope of the guarantee.

The Bed King Five Point Promise

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