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Soft Beds For Sale

Experience the joys of a luxurious and plush sleep with our divine range of Soft Beds. These beds provide the ultimate comfort, while not skimping on the support to ensure that you have the best possible rest you can imagine. Browse our range below and get snoozing!

What Type of Soft Are You Looking For

It might seem like a dumb question, but there are so many different kinds of soft when it comes to a soft bed. There's soft support, which gives you gentle support with added comfort layers and then there's soft comfort, which allows firmer support with softer comfort layers. And then there's so much more in between! All of this can be very confusing, which is why we've been on a mission to make finding the right bed for you a little easier. With the Comfort Solutions Lab, you can find the right bed for your needs in under 5 minutes. The Comfort Solutions Lab uses exclusive pressure mapping technology to identify your unique pressure points and assign you a Comfort Solutions Number. This number then corresponds to various beds in our range which will relieve pressure and provide the perfect combination of support and comfort for you. Make a Lab booking here.

Why Choose Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions is a range exclusive to Bed King and is also the only range in South Africa that is designed using real-time data from the Comfort Solutions Lab. This means that the beds you try and buy are designed for your body and your budget. The beds are handcrafted, using techniques that have been tried and tested over the years to ensure that you're getting the best quality bed for your bucks.


Are Soft Beds good for side sleepers?

The best bed for a side sleeper is the one that relieves the pressure from the body. Try out the Comfort Solutions Lab for a detailed analysis of your body and sleeping position in order to find you the right mattress. The Comfort Solutions Lab uses state-of-the-art pressure mapping technology in order to identify your key pressure points and recommend beds that will relieve pressure and provide ultimate comfort.

When should I choose a Soft Bed?

A soft bed is the best bed for you if you’re recommended a soft bed by the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Comfort Solutions Lab is the quickest way to find the right bed for you. The Lab identifies your pressure points by using over 1 600 pressure sensors. This then assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number which corresponds to beds in our range that will relieve pressure and provide comfort all night long.

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