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Bedding For Sale

Bedding is the basis of any bedroom, setting the tone, theme and atmosphere of your sleeping space. We stock the highest quality Bedding ranging from Pure Cotton duvet covers to Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets that will fit your Comfort Solutions mattress. Have a look through our luxurious Bedding below!

Browse By Bedding Type

Pillow Cases

Our selection of pillowcases are made from 100% Pure Cotton and Egyptian Cotton. We've got something to suit every room and mood.

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Duvet Cover Sets

Bed King's selection of Pure Cotton and Egyptian Cotton duvet cover sets has been compiled with the needs of our discerning South African clientele in mind. Find your perfect set here.

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Duvet Inners

A high-quality duvet inner makes all the difference. We've sourced a great selection of inners from various materials to provide you with plenty of options.

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Mattress Protectors

Choose from our carefully compiled selection of waterproof mattress protectors to safeguard your investment and ensure the longevity of your sleeping surfaces.

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Fitted Sheets

Opt for the convenience of Pure Cotton and Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets - shop our wide variety of fitted sheets online or at our stores throughout South Africa.

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Flat Sheets

Flat sheets offer a timeless elegance for private homes and accommodation venues alike. The Bed King team has sourced a wide variety of Pure Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Flat Sheets to suit all tastes.

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Pillow Protectors

Keep your pillows clean and lasting longer by protecting them against moisture, oil, dust and allergens with our waterproof pillow covers and protectors.

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Only the best ingredients

We offer an exclusive range of modern high-quality luxury bedding made from Pure Organic Cotton and Egyptian Cotton. Our cotton bedding is manufactured from the highest quality closely woven and combed fabrics, of at least 230 thread count. This gives you better, longer-lasting comfort, while keeping you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter.

That hotel room feeling at home

Why does hotel room bedding feel so good?

Why do you spring out of bed every morning after sleeping between those crisp hotel sheets?

Well, we've got an idea why- Pure Organic Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Sheets!


How often should I change my bedding?

We recommend changing your bedding every week to maintain hygiene and continue having that “freshly washed bedding” feeling. Sometimes, it’s easier to buy two sets of bedding so that you can swap them out weekly and not have to worry about washing and drying your bedding in one afternoon.

What sizes does the bedding come in?

Our bedding is available in all standard bed sizes. We sell bedding to fit Single Beds, Three Quarter Beds, Double Beds, Queen Beds, King Beds and Super King Beds.

How often should I rotate my mattress?

We recommend rotating your mattress every month, or alternatively you can do it every time you change your bedding to ensure even wear over the mattress surface.

What is the bedding made from?

Our bedding is made from 100% pure cotton and Egyptian Cotton to ensure that crisp and cool cotton feeling. Browse our range of bedding and read more about our ingredients above.

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