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Metal Beds For Sale

Looking for a minimalistic finishing touch to your bedroom? Look no further than our wide range of delightful and durable metal bed frames. These practical units will transform any room into a blissful sanctuary and will suit any colour scheme. Browse our metal bed frames below!

Versatility of Metal Beds

Metal Bed Frames tend to have an industrial look and feel but exude a calm and understated elegance when placed in the bedroom. If you're eyeing the Four Poster Canopy Bed, try draping some fabric over the posts for an elegant feel that's straight out of a fairytale. And a Metal Bunk Bed is the perfect space-saving solution for a kid's room or smaller second bedroom. Or what about the Alex Steel Bed Frame which is a sturdy solution to your bed frame problems. Browse our range today!

Top Quality Metal Bed Frames

We use only the best quality materials, sourced locally as far as possible, to craft our Metal Furniture. This ensures that you'll have a Metal Bed Frame that will stand the test of time. Not to mention, Metal Bed Frames never go out of style so you'll never have to worry about chopping and changing styles every few years. Try out one of our Metal Bed Frames to suit not only your bedroom, but also your budget.


What is the Metal Bed made from?

Our Metal Beds are made using only the best South African steel. We make sure every single part of the process of crafting these Metal Beds happens on home soil, which means every Bed is melted, welded and lovingly assembled in South Africa.

How long will my Metal Bed Frame last?

Due to the incredibly high quality of our South African steel, your Metal Bed Frame should stand the test of time. We also treat all the steel to prevent rust and other decaying processes which could shorten the lifespan of your beloved Bed.

Will I have to assemble my own Metal Bed Frame?

No, not necessarily. We do offer an assembly service for a small extra fee. This is only applicable to Beds that have been delivered by Bed King. We cannot guarantee assembly by any other courier.

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