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Sleeper Couches For Sale

What's better than a comfortable and practical couch? One that can double as a bed in the blink of an eye! With our range of beautifully versatile Sleeper Couches, you'll never want to get up from the couch. Browse our range of space-saving Sleeper Couches below!

Find Great Quality Sleeper Couches in South Africa

Our carefully selected range of sleeper couches is available nationwide. Shop online or at your nearest Bed King store.

Shop our Sleeper Couches and Find What Works For Your Space

 There are so many sleeper couches to choose from because we know that every space has unique needs. And we've curated a range that will knock your sleep socks off! Have a look at some of the great features and benefits of our Sleeper Couches below and browse the range to find one for yourself.

Benefits of owning a Sleeper Couch

There's nothing quite like a Sleeper Couch.

It's incredibly versatile, allowing you to go from sitting back to lounging around in a flash. Sleeper Couches are brilliant investments if you always have friends staying the night, or guests that drop by for dinner and end up staying for your famous breakfast pancakes too!

In fact, the benefits of a Sleeper Couch are endless. They're great for guests and even better for movie nights. And they are space-saving too, folding away into a couch by day!

Why a Sleeper Couch is a sleep necessity

Do you want the versatility to sleep in your lounge if the feeling arises while you're binging movies? Well, then you need a sleeper couch! These couches are so easy to convert into a luxurious and lovely sleeping platform. Forget about those rickety sleeper couches that you used to sleep on in the hotel family rooms. Or your grandma's basement. These sleeper couches are in a league of their own.

How comfortable are Sleeper Couches?

Do your memories of Sleeper Couches only include the ones that we're rickety, with ultra-thin mattresses and bouncy springs? Well, we've got news for you! Our Sleeper Couches come in a range of comfort levels for every sleep need. And don't forget about the mechanisms: modern and easy to use, we've made sure that our Sleeper Couches work like a dream. Browse our Sleeper Couches and choose the one that fits your space and needs. Or alternatively, head into your nearest store to try out the sleeper couches for yourself. 

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