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King Size Mattresses for Sale

Here's a bed that is big enough to fit the whole family! Invest in a King Size Mattress today and enjoy ample space to sleep, relax and cuddle with the family. There's room for the pets too! Browse our range of King Size Mattresses that don't compromise on the comfort below.

The Benefits of a King Mattress

A King Size Mattress is a great investment into any main bedroom. With it's wide and luxurious surface area, it's the perfect mattress for couples that like their own space to stretch out as they sleep, but with the freedom to cuddle if they wish to as well. When you choose a King Size Mattress, you are sure to have enough space for morning coffee with the whole family, including the pets! Have a look through our favourite King Sized Mattresses above and choose the one that suits your lifestyle and budget best! And don't forget to add in a Mattress Protector to protect your new investment.

Choose the best King Mattress

Finding the right King Sized Mattress can be a confusing process, which is why we're simplifying the process with the Comfort Solutions Lab! It's taking the guesswork out of finding the right mattress with the help of handy pressure sensors. The exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab has over 1 600 pressure sensors which map out your unique pressure points and identify the areas where you need a little extra support or comfort. The Comfort Solutions Lab then assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number which corresponds to mattresses in our range which will relieve pressure and provide ultimate comfort all night long. Your Comfort Solutions Number represents the comfort and support level needed in a mattress to satisfy your unique needs.


What size is a King Mattress?

A King Sized Mattress measures 183cm by 188cm for a standard length, and 183cm by 200cm for extra length. That’s the size of two single bed mattresses pushed together!

How often should I rotate my King Mattress?

We recommend rotating your mattress at least once a month, but preferably every time you change your bedding to ensure even wear of the mattress. Rotating a bed is easy, simply follow the directions here for a seamless process.

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