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Three Quarter Beds For Sale

Remember Goldilocks? Well, we're sure that her "just right" bed was one in our three-quarter range! Not too big, but definitely not too small either, the Three Quarter Bed is the perfect middle-of-the-road addition to any room, without taking up too much space. Browse the range below!

Benefits of a Three-Quarter Bed

Ever wondered why a Three-Quarter Bed is the most popular size available? Well, that's because it's the most versatile size available. A Three-Quarter Bed is perfect for an individual, large enough to stretch out but small enough to fit into a smaller room. It's the perfect starter bed for your teenager, or even for a guest room, providing a little extra space for those sleeping over. Our wonderful range of Three-Quarter Beds will brighten your room without putting a burden on your wallet.

Three Quarter Bed Features

The South African Three-Quarter Bed is astonishingly 16cm wider than the standard single bed, making it the perfect mattress for individuals who like a little extra room to move around. The Three-Quarter Bed is 107cm and can come in standard or extra length. Our Three-Quarter Beds are crafted with love and can match with any of our beautiful headboards.


What is the width of a Three-Quarter Bed?

A Three-Quarter Bed is 107cm by 188cm for standard length. We also stock an extra-length variation which measures 200cm in length.

What is the difference between a Three-Quarter and Double bed?

A Three-Quarter Bed is a little bit smaller than a Double Bed. The Double Bed can usually take up to two people while a Three-Quarter Bed typically only holds one person.

How can I protect my Three-Quarter Bed?

A mattress protector is the most important investment after your Three-Quarter Bed. A mattress protector is a waterproof, breathable layer that fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet and protects it from spills, dust mites and other icky stuff.

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