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Super King Beds For Sale

Need some extra room for added comfort? Our collection of super king size beds for sale are about as roomy as it comes. Spread-out, doze off and sleep tight on one of our superb large beds.

Benefits of Super King Beds

Wondering why you should choose a Super King Bed? Here are a couple of reasons! A Super King Bed is the perfect option for people who like to spread out as they sleep and don't want to disturb their partner. It's also great for families, allowing everyone to curl up and have a conversation with some coffee or tea on a Saturday morning. And if you thought things couldn't get better, a Super King Bed comes standard in extra length, for all our tall friends out there. The Super King Bed is also a great option for larger bedrooms, allowing the bed to fill the space and not look lost in the room.

Which is the best Super King Bed for you

It can be a difficult decision, trying to find the mattress that fits your body, bedroom and budget. Luckily, we've simplified the process with the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Comfort Solutions Lab uses pressure mapping technology to identify your unique pressure points and assign you a Comfort Solutions Number which then corresponds to various beds in our range that will alleviate pressure and provide ultimate comfort.


Where can I find linen for my Super King Bed?

You can find linen that will fit the depth, width and length of your Super King Bed in any of our stores. Find your nearest store and purchase your Super King Bedding today!

What is the dimensions of a Super King Bed?

The dimensions of a Super King Bed is 200cm by 200cm, a perfectly square and brilliantly comfortable bed.

Which Super King Bed should I choose?

The perfect Super King Bed for you is the one that alleviates your pressure and provides ultimate comfort all night long. You can find your perfect Super King Bed using our Comfort Solutions Lab.

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