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Soft Mattresses For Sale

Oh so plush! Do you need a little something extra in your mattress? Or are you just a fan of falling into something soft as a marshmallow? With our soft mattress range, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Browse our soft mattresses below and find your perfect mattress fit with Comfort Solutions. 

Soft but supportive

A soft mattress has a bad reputation for not being supportive, but we're here to change that. We've created a range of luxuriously soft mattresses, that have all the support you need to sleep beautifully and wake up ready to take on the day.
The Comfort Solutions range of mattresses has been carefully designed and lovingly created using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Lab, which includes over 1 600 pressure sensors, keeps a record of every person's data, allowing us to create mattresses that suit each body and sleeping position.
Pretty cool, right?
But that's not where it ends.
We use only the highest quality Pure Foam, without any fillers or chalk, and the best spring units we can find. This ensures that every mattress produced has excellent quality and is made up to the highest standard.
You can sleep easy, knowing that we're taking care of your sleep needs as best we can.
Visit your nearest store to start your sleep journey today.

How to find your mattress fit

Have you ever tried to find a new mattress and gotten overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options? Don't worry, us too! This is why we've devised a foolproof method of finding the right mattress for your needs, without trying every bed in the store.
Sounds too good to be true? It definitely isn't when you have the Comfort Solutions Lab!
The Comfort Solutions Lab contains over 1 600 pressure sensors all waiting to identify and map out your unique pressure points. The Lab then assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number, uniquely spelling out your comfort and support needs. This number correlates to various mattresses in our range, which will all satisfy your comfort and support needs and provide you with a restful night's sleep.
All you have to do to find your mattress fit is visit the Comfort Solutions Lab, inside every Bed King store.
Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking or visit your nearest store to experience the science behind sleep for yourself. We can't wait to see you!


What is the best Soft Mattress?

The best mattress is the one that is right for your body, relieves your pressure points and provides ample comfort as you sleep. You can find the mattress that’s right for you with the Comfort Solutions Lab, which scientifically finds you the mattress that fits your needs. Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking or visit your nearest store to find out more.

How can I protect my mattress?

The only way to protect your mattress is by using a Mattress Protector. This waterproof, breathable layer fits over your mattress like a fitted sheet and protects your mattress from spills, messes and allergens. It’s a must-have for every bed! Browse our range of Mattress Protectors online or in store

How often should I rotate my mattress?

We recommend rotating your mattress once a month or every time you change your bedding. This will ensure that the mattress has even wear.

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