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Mattress Protectors For Sale

A Mattress Protector is the single most important investment into your sleep health, after a great mattress of course! The Mattress Protector saves your mattress from spills, sweat, dust mites and other allergens, keeping your mattress in tip top shape. Browse our Mattress Protector range below!

The Benefits of a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is probably one of your most important purchases, after your initial bed and pillow. This handy layer protects your mattress from any dirt, bodily fluids and allergens that could come creeping in after some time.

Mattress protectors are waterproof, meaning that they do not allow liquid to permeate the layer, leaving you with a completely dry mattress no matter the amount of coffee you accidentally spill on it.
You may be thinking that waterproof sounds a little stifling, but not with our mattress protectors because they're ultra-breathable too! They allow air to move through them with ease so that you never have to worry about suffocating your mattress.
Lastly, a mattress protector helps to protect your mattress from dust mites and allergens. This makes your mattress hypo-allergenic and super sinus friendly!
If you're keen to protect your investment, get a mattress protector today. You definitely won't regret it!

The Perfect Mattress to Protect

We're all about finding you the perfect sleep solution!

There's nothing better than the right mattress, which gives you a great night's rest and allows you to jump out of bed every morning rested and ready to take on the challenges of the day.
This is why we use the exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab. The Lab uses state-of-the-art pressure mapping technology to identify and map out your unique pressure points. It then uses this data to assign you with a Comfort Solutions Number which correlates to various mattresses in our range.
And that's not all!
Every mattress has been designed using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, meaning it's made for your body and needs.
We're taking the science behind sleep and using it to find you your mattress fit.
Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking  or simply visit your nearest store to try it out for yourself.


What sizes do mattress protectors come in?

Mattress Protectors come in all standard mattress sizes: Single Bed, Three-Quarter Bed, Double Bed, Queen Bed, King Bed and Super King Bed.

How do mattress protectors work?

Mattress Protectors consist of a waterproof membrane, that is designed to still allow air to flow through. This means that your mattress will be protected from spills, but not suffocated. Browse our range of Mattress Protectors above.

How can I find the right mattress?

You can find the right mattress for your needs, sleeping position and body using the exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab. This Lab uses science to match you with mattress options that will relieve pressure and provide ultimate comfort for your body. Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking or visit your nearest store to try it out for yourself.

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