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Three Quarter Mattresses For Sale

Comfort, without compromising on the support. That's the goal with all of our Three Quarter Mattresses! We aim to ensure that you'll have all the space you need to do the twist in your sleep, without taking up the entire room. Browse our Three Quarter Mattresses below!

The Size of a Three-Quarter Mattress

A Three-Quarter Mattress is a whopping 15cm wider than a standard Single Mattress. That's a whole lot more space to stretch out as you sleep! The standard Three-Quarter Mattress measures 107cm by 188cm. And if you're a little taller or simply like a little more room, your extra-length mattress will come in at 107cm by 200cm. Browse our range of Three Quarter Mattresses to find your new favourite part of your room.

Our Three Quarter Mattress Range

Ever wondered why you should choose Comfort Solutions? We've got the answer! Comfort Solutions is the only brand that's been designed with you in mind. You see, we design every single mattress using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, which identifies your pressure points and assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number. All of our mattresses correspond to a Comfort Solutions Number ratio and are designed to match your unique comfort and support needs. To find your Comfort Solutions Number and the corresponding Three-Quarter Mattress that will satisfy your needs, make an appointment to experience the Comfort Solutions Lab.


When should I buy a new mattress?

You spend around 8 hours in your bed every night, which adds up to a whopping minimum of 20 000 hours spent in your bed over 8 years. Therefore, we recommend that you change your mattress every 8 years to ensure that you’re always sleeping on the best possible mattress.

What would be the best mattress for back pain?

We can’t recommend any specific mattress in our range that will relieve back pain, or any other pain for that matter, but our Comfort Solutions Lab can! The Comfort Solutions Lab uses over 1 600 pressure sensors to identify your unique pressure points and assign you a Comfort Solutions Number. This number then corresponds to various mattresses in our range that will match your Comfort and Support Ratio perfectly! Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking.

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