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Pillow Cases For Sale

Choose between our superb 200 thread count poly cotton, 230 or 550 thread count pure cotton pillowcases for splendid and inexpensive pillow protection and a luxurious feel.

Which Pillowcases Are The Best?

Our top-quality pillowcases are made from either 230 or 550 thread count Pure Organic Cotton or 200 thread count poly cotton, which all offer a superb luxe feel to any standard pillow. This also means our pillowcases are soft and breathable and feel exceptionally elegant, thanks to their sateen weave. Our affordable pillowcases are silky and sumptuous, easy to clean and durable - not to mention that they'll only get softer with every wash.

Why Do We Use Pillowcases?

Standard pillowcases are used to cover pillows and offer hygienic protection by keeping dirt, dust and bodily oils off your pillows. This helps reduce stains and odours and increases the life of your pillows. Furthermore, our cotton pillowcases offer more than just pillow protection - they offer an even more comfortable night's rest because our pillowcases are splendidly soft and soothing against your skin.

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