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Day Beds For Sale

What's a Day Bed you might ask? Well, it's a great space-saving solution for that under-utilised nook of your house. The perfect spot to lay back and read a book, or sip on some tea in the evening. It is also perfect as a spare bed for a guest or for use in a child's bedroom. We might not have the widest range, but we surely have the best quality!

Uses For Your New Day Bed

Don't let your new purchase gather dust in the corner of the room. Here are a few things you can use your Day Bed for: You can use it as a sofa in your favourite reading nook, or as a comfy spot for a quick afternoon nap. It's perfect for a kid's bedroom, transforming easily into a pirate ship with a touch of imagination. You can even use your Day Bed as a spare bed for when unexpected guests arrive to stay. A Day Bed is the perfect versatile addition to any room!

Only The Best Ingredients

In order to ensure that you are getting the best quality Day Bed possible, we use only the finest components and ingredients to craft the Day Bed of your dreams. From the long-wearing South African steel to the mattress which sits atop it, every detail has been thought of to guarantee that you sleep satisfied with your purchase.


How big is a Day Bed?

A Day Bed is big enough to hold a Single Bed Mattress, which is approximately 91x188cm. The Day Bed includes a Trundle, or Underbed, that fits perfectly beneath the Day Bed and can be used as an extra sleeping space.

What is a trundle and what is it used for?

A trundle, also known as an underbed, is a pull-out bed that fits under the Day Bed. The trundle allows you to easily slide the extra mattress out from underneath the day bed, and then slide it back once you no longer need to use it.

What is a Day Bed made from?

Our Day Beds are made from only the strongest steel. This is crafted and welded in South Africa using only the best local ingredients ensuring that the Day Bed is durable enough to stand the test of time.

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