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Frequently Asked Questions

With the focus on what is right for you, our specialist sleep consultants are available to evaluate your needs as well as your budget, to assist you in finding the best possible sleep solution. We’re also constantly in touch with sleep science research which we apply to the individual needs of our consumers. That results in accurate advice on anything from a specially designed neck pillow right through to a state-of-the-art adjustable bed. Right from the start, with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the store, you’ll be encouraged by our sleep consultants to ask questions and try out as many beds and mattresses you want to so you can get a feel for which one is right for you.

Your most commonly asked questions on sleep, beds and mattresses, and The Bed King.

1. Why choose The Bed King? The Bed King Five Point Promise is offered to every one of our customers. This promise guarantees you the best value from the best range, the best advice and the best service, all at the best price. These principles enable us to remain true to you, the customer, from your first contact and long after you have made your purchase. We have become the best by remaining faithful to the foundations we have grown on, we are sleep professionals and we are determined to understand your sleep, support and comfort needs. You can find the best and most comfortable sleep within the relaxed atmosphere of our stores, at the best price. We are completely independent and therefore are not tied to any particular brand, that is why we are able to focus on exactly what is right for your needs. We know every feature and benefit of all our products we recommend, and always endeavour to ensure that you get the best possible sleep solution for you.

2. How can The Bed King offer the best price and still give excellent customer service? We are an independently owned company that does not need a big head office or complex management structure. This means we are not burdened by shareholders or hefty operational expenses. We deal with manufacturers directly, and because we buy in bulk; we are able to negotiate the best prices from all our suppliers. All this enables us to invest more in customer service excellence and staff training while passing great deals onto all our customers.

3. Just how important is good sleep to me? Sleep is vital for life as well as a happy and healthy lifestyle. Sleep recharges our bodies and minds. It can be elusive, almost always comforting, and definitely essential to our survival. Although we spend around a third of our lives asleep, we barely give it any notice - until we can’t sleep. Then nightly tossing, turning and insomnia leads us to cope badly with stress while decreased concentration causes us to make mistakes. Poor sleep affects our relationships, mood and health leading to irritableness, bad tempers and even road rage.

4. How relevant is good posture to my health? Simply put; posture is the position your body adopts during sleep. Assuming the correct posture is extremely important for your spine, nerves, muscles and blood circulation. Sleep disturbance, shoulder, back and neck pain can be relieved significantly (or even prevented) with the correct posture that comes from sleeping on the correct bed base. Pillows also play an important role in ensuring a good sleep posture. Try to select one that suits your unique individual sleeping position.

5. Does it really matter that my mattress is old? If you are sleeping on an old mattress, you may not have even noticed that your quality of sleep has degraded. You may seem to be sleeping comfortably through the night, even though your body is not benefiting from the comfort and support it would get from the right support.

6. Why is it so important to choose the right mattress? You spend at least a third of your life in a bed. The more quality sleep you get the healthier and happier you’ll be. That is why you should spend time choosing the right mattress for your unique individual needs. Specifications in modern mattresses are so technical these days; that is why our Specialist Sleep Consultants will help you find the better sleep solution that is exactly right for your support and comfort needs and advise you accordingly.

7. How do I choose the right mattress? It is important to consider who will be sleeping on your mattress. Is it a child, adult or elderly person? Is it for one person or two? Would you like the extra space afforded by a queen size or king size mattress? Do you suffer back, neck or mobility problems? Speak to one of our Specialist Sleep Consultants who will advise you on exactly what mattresses fit your needs as well as your budget. Take your time to get a feel for each mattress. Lie on the mattress (together if you’re a couple) so that you can get a real feel for the comfort and support you will benefit from it every night.

8. What brands does The Bed King stock? The Bed King offers the widest range of beds and mattresses in South Africa. Choose from top leading brands such as Serta, Simmons and Restonic, as well as The Bed King’s very own prestigious Comfort Solutions and Bed King Direct range. The Bed King’s Comfort Solutions beds and mattresses are all manufactured of the highest quality available as well as to strict SABS standards, offering you the support and comfort you deserve at the best prices. The cost-effective Bed King Direct range features a wide selection of high-grade products, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Hospitality Industry and the high levels of support and comfort you expect from a prestigious brand.

9. How much should I spend on a new mattress? A lower cost mattress is not necessarily less effective than a model costing three or four times as much, and a well known brand-name mattress is not always best suited to your needs. The most important thing to consider is what is right for you by getting the best advice on the products available and trying out as many as you need to.

10. What is a Sleep Consultant? A Sleep Consultant is a specialist in the industry field of sleep, with the focus on what is right to give you a better night’s sleep. With the focus on what is right for you; The Bed King Specialist Sleep Consultants are available to evaluate your needs as well as your budget, to assist you in finding the best possible sleep solution. We’re also constantly in touch with sleep science research which we apply to the individual needs of our consumers. That results in accurate advice on anything from a specially designed neck pillow right through to a state-of-the-art adjustable bed. Right from the start, with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the store, you’ll be encouraged by our sleep consultants to ask questions and try out as many beds and mattresses you want to so you can get a feel for which one is right for you. The Bed King Sleep Consultants are intensively trained and skilled, taking ownership of your requirements and ensuring you get the best possible sleep solution for you, and at the best value.

11. Why does a new mattress feel uncomfortable at first? A new mattress is a much like a new pair of shoes; it takes a couple of weeks to settle in to your unique shape and size. Generally, that means that your mattress will become more comfortable over time while retaining its all important support and comfort for your body.

12. Why do body impressions occur on a mattress? Body impressions on your mattress of up to 4cm are perfectly normal; these are layers which set and conform to your unique individual body contours. The layers of high quality upholstery are designed to compress with use and you will notice that they are more prominent in the morning, after sleep. Body impressions are not a structural defect and should not be confused with sagging. However, turning your mattress regularly will extend the life of your mattress.

13. What is the best possible sleep solution for a child? The best mattress for a child is one that will provide all the support and comfort that a rapidly growing little body needs. Your child will spend more time in contact with their mattress than anything else. A simple piece of foam may not be the most supportive platform. A child grows most during sleep and a good mattress will aid healthy bodily development, helping to prevent muscular-skeletal disorders in later life.

14. How do I care for my new bed set? Turning or rotating your mattress each month will help it last longer by evening the pressure on each side that it endures over time. You should also consider a mattress protector that not only protects against spillage but will also help prevent dust and bed mites – a common cause of allergies. Never fold or bend your mattress and don’t stand on it or allow children to jump on it. Avoid bending the corners when putting on fitted sheets and if your mattress has handles, never use them to support the full weight of the mattress. Keep the mattress clean and dry and vacuum it each time you turn it, particularly if it has a deep quilt pattern.

15. How do deliveries work? The Bed King offers delivery in most major locations in South Africa. Depending on the item you’ve selected, delivery will commence from the nearest depot to you. Your Specialist Sleep Consultant will assist you in arranging for the delivery of your purchase. The Bed King’s Cape Peninsula depot delivers within a designated 2 hour time frame and will contact you prior to delivery to advise you of your 2 hour delivery period. It is important to remain available as a point of contact during this period to ensure the successful delivery of your new purchase. For more info regarding this, please visit our Delivery Service page.

16. How do I prepare for The Bed King delivery team? To best prepare for our friendly and prompt delivery team is to prepare the room for which the purchase will be assembled or delivered to. Strip all linen and bedding from the old bed set being replaced, remove all fragile items from the living space in the immediate vicinity of the desired space. Be sure to keep an unobstructed pathway for the delivery team to offload your purchase for ease of delivery and removal of your bed set. It is also advisable to take the opportunity to intensely clean the living space, vacuum and rearrange furniture. Detach and disassemble your existing bed frame, headboards or units prior to our arrival. Our friendly delivery team will be happy to unpack your purchase and assemble the unit in your living space. The Bed King offers the assembly of your purchase complimentary to you, however, due to insurance constraints, our team cannot move additional furniture or bedroom accessories within your home, nor can we assemble items previously purchased elsewhere. Should you opt to assemble your purchase, you will then assume responsibility for any damage which may result from improper construction. Be sure to provide your Specialist Sleep Consultant with as much information as possible about the delivery environment, as on the rare occasion, delivery of a purchase may present a risk to the product, property or personnel, we, unfortunately, at times, need to decline the delivery or request you to sign an indemnity release.

17. What happens to my old mattress? The Bed King offers you the opportunity to safely dispose of your old bed set. We will be happy to remove your old mattress set to be sent for charitable donation. The Bed King cannot, however, take bed frames, headboards or other furniture as they may cause damage to items on the delivery vehicle. If you have any old furniture you would like to donate to charity, many charitable organizations will gratefully organise a home pick-up.

Please note that we can only offer the mattress removal service when a Bed King delivery team makes the delivery and not a courier company. This service is currently only available in Gauteng and Western Cape.

18. What guarantees does The Bed King offer? With the exception of special sizes, personalised or custom-made items we will accept your purchase back for up to seven days. For further information, please contact

19. Where is my nearest Bed King store? You will find a list of all our branches and contact centres closest to you, in South Africa, on our Contact  or Locate a Store page. Store location maps as well as convenient GPS co-ordinates have been provided, as well as all relevant contact details.

20. What work does The Bed King do for good causes? The Bed King believes that everyone deserves a good night’s rest, this philosophy does not stop at our stores; as well as contributing to other worthy causes, The Bed King has implemented a unique programme which provides bedding to a number of charities. If you wonder what happens to your old mattress when we take it away upon delivering your new mattress; rest assured that as you relax in your new bed, there is probably a homeless child or orphan sleeping soundly on your old one.


Dear The Bed King, Your contribution ensures that we can give the best care to the within the home and as a result, form part of all the ‘children’s friends’ that contribute regularly in order to make our children happy.” – Elma Black, Development Manager at The Durbanville Children’s Home

21. Where does The Bed King deliver from?

Our Cape Peninsula deliveries are arranged and executed from our head office and dispatch in Parow Industrial, Cape Town. Depending on the province you are from and the item you’ve selected, delivery will be executed from the nearest dispatch depot to you.

22. Where are all The Bed King’s dispatch depots in South Africa other than Cape Town?

We have a depot in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Durban and also Port Elizabeth. Please keep in mind that some of our products are not available nationwide. Should you order a product restricted to (for example) Cape Town whilst you’re in another province, please remember that additional transport cost will be added to your invoice. In most such cases we’ll first need to get a specific quotation from our team of subcontractors before we can add the relative transport costs to your invoice. Such additional transport costs can vary from R300 to R2000 depending on your location, product and number of items. Our depots are listed under Locate a Store.

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