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Storage Bases For Sale

Need a little extra storage space? Why not try out a brilliant Storage Base! With our range of versatile and beautiful Storage Bases, you're bound to find something to complete your room, your kid's room, or the spare bedroom. Browse our range of Storage Bases below!

Clever Ideas with Kids Storage Beds

A Storage Bed is the ultimate space-saving solution to a room that's bursting at the seams. Use it to store toys, teddies and games for a fun little toy box beneath the bed. Or use it to store linen and other bedroom essentials, leaving more room in the closet for your clothes! The options are endless when you have something as versatile as a Storage Bed.

Where To Use a Bed Base with Storage

A beautiful Storage Base can fit in any bedroom, becoming an elegant and practical centerpiece. It can become the focal point of the main bedroom, used to store bedroom essentials, linen and spare pillows or even books and other personal items. It could also be used in a kid's bedroom, storing toys and teddy bears, or games for a cute hidden toy box that disappears from view every evening. Where do you want to put your storage base?


Can I get my storage base in any size?

Yes, you can. As long as the size of your mattress is a standard size, like Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen and King, you can get a storage base to fit it. As with all things, the bigger you go the more you pay, but we aim to keep our prices affordable and in line with the quality we offer.

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