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Storage Beds

Appealing, Affordable and Practical

Cleverly-designed storage beds can transform kids' rooms, student digs or smaller homes by providing a little more room for manoeuvring. Find the storage bed that suits your bedroom’s look and feel here.

Clever Ideas with Kids Storage Beds

Clear away clutter and create tranquil play and workspaces with the use of our innovative storage beds. Our children’s bed base with storage can double up as a toy box and also looks great in a themed bedroom. Alternatively, you can free up space to play or learn with a bunk bed with storage in an older child’s room.

Where To Use a Bed Base with Storage

Storage beds are deceptively simple furniture pieces with the potential to change the way you optimise space in your home. It works equally well in guest rooms or other smaller bedrooms where additional storage space is required. Additionally, a storage bed allows you to keep things organised while also being an attractive and modern bedroom centrepiece.

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