Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions about Bed King, our range of beds and mattresses, as well as our delivery and sales policies.

Why choose The Bed King?

The Bed King Five Point Promise is offered to every one of our customers. This promise guarantees you the best value from the best ranges, the best advice and the best service, all delivered at the best price. These principles enable us to remain true to you, the customer, from your first contact and long after you have made your purchase. We have become the best by remaining faithful to our founding principles. We also offer you exclusive in-store access to our Comfort Solutions Lab®, which utilises pressure-mapping technology to accurately determine your comfort and support needs, all within five minutes! Additionally, we are completely independent and are therefore not tied to any particular brand, which is why we are able to focus on exactly what is right for your needs. We know every feature and benefit of all the products we recommend, and always endeavour to ensure that you find the best possible sleep solution for you.

How can Bed King offer the best price and still give excellent customer service?

We are an independently owned company that does not require a big head office or complex management structure. This means we are not burdened by hefty operational or shareholder expenses. We deal with manufacturers directly, and because we buy in bulk; we are able to negotiate the best prices from all our suppliers. Our range of proprietary in-house brands have also been developed with affordability and practicality in mind. All this enables us to invest more in customer service excellence and staff training while passing great deals on to you.

Where is my nearest Bed King store?

You will find a list of all our branches and contact centres throughout South Africa, on our Contact or Locate a Store page. Store location maps as well as convenient GPS coordinates have been provided alongside all the relevant contact details.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

How do I buy online?

  • Click 'Buy Now' on your product page (this will take you to the Shopping Cart)
  • Check that the order is correct and select the 'Checkout Now' icon
  • Complete Shipping / Billing details and select 'Next'
  • Ensure all the details are correct and select your method of payment. Select the 'I Agree' to the delivery terms, provided you have read and understood them and select 'Next'
  • You will now receive an order confirmation e-mail sent to the e-mail address you provided. Do not discard this confirmation e-mail.

Who can provide me with advice or more information?

You can contact any one of our Specialist Sleep Consultants through our National Call Centre on 0860 25 35 45. Available office hours Monday to Friday and on standby from 09:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays. Our National Call Centre is closed on Sundays. Alternatively, you can also e-mail enquiries@bedking.co.za.

Can I buy from outside South Africa?

Yes, you can. If you are making payment from a bank outside of South Africa, please note that payment will take time to clear which will affect the time it takes for the order to be processed. Please note we only deliver within South Africa.

Do you sell to guesthouses and hotels?

Yes, we do. We have a wide hospitality range and offer competitive discounts on hospitality deals. If needs be, we can also make up custom mattresses to meet specific needs. For more information and quotes on our hospitality range, please contact us by emailing enquiries@bedking.co.za or calling our Customer Care line on 0860 25 35 45.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept credit card payments, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT's), Instant EFT's and payments via our Bed King Account. You can pay via Mastercard and Visa credit card. Alternatively, you can pay via EFT or instant EFT.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

How do deliveries work?

Bed King offers delivery services in most major cities and towns in South Africa. Depending on the item you've selected, delivery will commence from the depot closest to you. Your Specialist Sleep Consultant will assist you in arranging for the delivery of your purchase. Our Cape Peninsula and Gauteng depots deliver within a designated 2 hour time frame and will contact you prior to delivery to advise you of your 2 hour delivery period. It is important to remain available as a point of contact during this period to ensure the successful delivery of your new purchase. For more info regarding this, simply contact us and we'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Can I cancel my order?

Requests for cancellation of the purchase must be done within 24 hours. If you change your mind regarding your purchase within the 24-hour window, please contact Bed King to arrange for a refund or an exchange. To help us process your refund or exchange as quickly as possible, please provide us with your customer order details that are included in your invoice.

What if I'm not available to receive my delivery?

Please inform us ahead of time so we can reschedule your delivery. Alternatively, if someone else can receive the delivery on behalf of you, please inform us in writing so we can ensure we are delivering the goods to the correct person. The person receiving and signing for the delivery must be over 18 years of age.

Do you offer an assembly service?

Yes. Bed King offers the assembly of your purchase complimentary to you. Please note: due to insurance constraints, our team cannot move additional furniture or bedroom accessories within your home, nor can we assemble items previously purchased elsewhere. Should you opt to assemble your purchase, you will then assume responsibility for any damage which may result from improper construction.

In which areas does Bed King deliver?

Bed King delivers anywhere covered by South Africa's established road network.

How are Bed King's delivery fees calculated?

Delivery fees are calculated during checkout, based on product size, weight and distance from our distribution points.

For the purpose of calculating delivery fees, the Bed King product line is split into two categories:

  • Category 1 (e.g. beds, mattresses, bed frames, bunk beds, sleeper couches and other larger furniture items)
  • Category 2 (pillows, linen and mattress protectors)

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

How long will I have to wait for my order to be delivered?

Lead time is dependent on stock availability. If stock is available, orders will be dispatched the same day provided payment is received and validated before 1400 hours.

Should the product not be in stock please allow up to 20 working days plus freight transit time. This will allow for manufacturing and delivery to our warehouse.

How will I know when my order will be delivered?

For orders delivered in a 50km radius of our stores, you will be contacted by the Bed King Distribution Center a day prior to delivery, to advise you of your 2-hour delivery period. It is important to remain available as a point of contact during this period to ensure the successful delivery of your new purchase. For deliveries outside of the 50km radius, the Bed King Distribution Center will inform you when to expect your delivery, however the actual delivery will be outsourced to a courier company who should inform you further.

How do I prepare for the Bed King delivery team?

Prepare the room for which the purchase will be assembled/delivered to. Remove all fragile items from the immediate vicinity of the room/pathway. Ensure there is an unobstructed pathway for the delivery team to offload your purchase for ease of delivery. Provide your Sleep Consultant with as much information as possible about the delivery environment. Bed King reserves the right to decline delivery of a purchase if it presents a risk to the product, property or personnel.

From where does Bed King deliver?

Our Cape Peninsula deliveries are arranged and executed from our head office and dispatch in Parow Industrial, Cape Town. Our Gauteng deliveries are arranged and executed from our Johannesburg Distribution Center. Depending on the province you are from and the item you've selected, delivery will be executed from the nearest dispatch depot to you.

Where are all Bed King's dispatch depots in South Africa other than Cape Town?

We have a depot in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Durban and also Port Elizabeth. Please keep in mind that some of our products are not available nationwide. Should you order a product restricted to (for example) Cape Town whilst you're in another province, please remember that additional transport cost will be added to your invoice.If this is the case - we'll first need to get a quotation from our team of subcontractors and discuss this with you. Should you approve the quote we will then add the relevant transport costs to your invoice. Such additional transport costs can vary from R300 to R2000 depending on your location, product and number of items. Our depots are listed under Locate a Store.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

How do comfort exchanges work?

We offer each customer one comfort exchange to the value or greater of the original purchase, provided the customer has utilized the mattress/ bed set for a minimum of 30 nights and a maximum of 90 nights. Please refer to our 90-Night Comfort Exchange Policy for more information.

When can I expect a refund?

Full refunds are only accepted within 7 days of the item(s) being delivered, provided the item is unused and in its original packaging. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information.

How do returns work?

Authorized returns are only accepted within 7 days of the item being delivered, provided the item is unused and in its original packaging. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my bed?

Please email our Customer Service Centre on enquiries@bedking.co.za or call us on 0860 25 35 45 or contact the sales consultant that you purchased the mattress from. Please ensure that you have your invoice in hand.

I bought my bed from Bed King, but who honours the warranty?

Both the warranties and guarantees are issued by the manufacturers themselves as they are put in place to protect against manufacturing faults. As the sellers of these products we are happy to assist in any way we can to get any issues sorted out between you and the manufacturers.

Do I need to keep my proof of payment and other documentation?

Yes. The manufacturers will need proof of purchase in order to process any warranty/guarantee claims. Keep your receipt, paperwork and the warranty & guarantee certificate that comes with your purchase. Leave all the mattress tags found on the mattress in place as they might have relevant information such as model number, date of manufacture etc.

What guarantees does Bed King offer?

Different warranty and guarantee periods apply to different product categories. Please refer to the product page for more information or speak to a consultant.

What are the basic warranty requirements?

Your mattress must not have any signs of wear and tear. It must not have stains or dirty marks, rips, tears or any other damage that is not part of your claim. It must adhere to all the stipulations set out in the warranty/guarantee documentation.

What happens if there is a fault with my bed and I need to make a claim?

If the fault occurs within the guarantee period, the manufacturer will repair or replace your defective mattress at no extra charge.

  • In the event that your product needs to be repaired it will be collected and re-delivered at no extra charge.
  • In the case of a replacement being issued by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will deliver a new product and pick up the defective one at no extra charge.
  • In cases where the mattress needs to be delivered more than 100km from major metro areas, the customer will be responsible for the cost of delivery.

How do I begin the warranty process if there is a problem?

First read your warranty/guarantee certificate carefully to see if your claim is valid. then make sure that you meet the criteria set out (no stains, rips or damage caused by wear and tear). If you feel you have a valid claim, either contact the sales consultant who you dealt with or call our Customer Care department on 0860 25 35 45 or email enquiries@bedking.co.za .

What is not covered by my warranty/guarantee?

As each manufacturer has their own conditions, we suggest you read your specific warranty/guarantee certificate.

Generally speaking, the following are NOT covered:

  • Body Impressions less than 40mm deep
  • Mattress handles
  • General wear and tear of fabric
  • Replacement of units that are not defective, but that simply don't match
  • Damage caused by incorrect use of mattress, for example, where a guest room mattress sufficient for a 90kg person is used for a 120kg person
  • Stains or soiling
  • Damage caused by insufficient turning/rotation of the mattress
  • Incorrect support from a weak or broken bed base/frame
  • Damage caused by misuse or mishandling
  • Incorrect comfort level

Where can I get a copy of the Warranty Card?

A printed copy of your warranty card will be delivered to you alongside your purchase. A digital copy of your warranty card will be emailed to you along with your invoice. You are welcome to download your warranty card here:

Comfort Solutions

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

Monday - Friday: (08h00 - 17h00)

Can I buy in bulk?

Definitely. Please call our Customer Care Call Center on 0860 25 35 45 or email enquiries@bedking.co.za for more information.

What mattress sizes are offered?

It is important to consider who will be sleeping on your mattress. Is it a child, adult or elderly person? Is it for one person or two? Would you like the extra space afforded by a queen size or king size mattress? Do you suffer from back, neck or mobility problems? Speak to one of our Specialist Sleep Consultants who will advise you on exactly which mattresses fit your needs as well as your budget. They will assist you in the use of our Comfort Solutions Lab®, which utilises pressure-mapping technology to accurately determine your comfort and support needs.

Which brands does Bed King stock?

Bed King offers an expertly selected range of beds and mattresses in South Africa, which includes our very own prestigious Comfort Solutions range and our vibrant Mewer range. Our Comfort Solutions and Mewer beds and mattresses are all manufactured of the highest quality materials available - offering you the support and comfort you deserve at the best prices. Find out more by visiting us in store or perusing our selection online.

How much should I spend on a new mattress?

A lower cost mattress is not necessarily less effective than a model costing three or four times as much, and a well known brand-name mattress is not always best suited to your needs. The most important thing to consider is what is right for you by getting the best advice on the products available and trying out as many as you need to.

Why does a new mattress feel uncomfortable at first?

A new mattress is much like a new pair of shoes; it takes a couple of weeks to settle in and accommodate your unique shape and size. Generally, that means that your mattress will become more comfortable over time while retaining its all-important support and comfort for your body.

Why do body impressions occur on a mattress?

Body impressions of up to 4cm are perfectly normal on your mattress ; these are layers which set and conform to your unique individual body contours. The layers of high quality upholstery are designed to compress with use and you will notice that they are more prominent in the morning, after sleep. Body impressions are not a structural defect and should not be confused with sagging. However, turning your mattress regularly will extend the life of your mattress.

How do I care for my new bed set?

First thing to do to take care of your new bed is to use a mattress protector to guard your mattress from dust, spillage, dust mites etc. Turning or rotating and vacuuming your mattress monthly will help it last longer. Never fold or bend your mattress, don't stand on it or allow children to jump on it and avoid bending the corners when putting on fitted sheets. Lastly, when moving your mattress - make sure to support the full weight and don't carry it by the seams.

Does it really matter that my mattress is old?

Yes, if you are sleeping on an old mattress, you may not have even noticed that your quality of sleep has deteriorated. You may seem to be sleeping comfortably through the night, even though your body is not benefiting from the comfort and support it would get from the right support.

Do I need to use a mattress protector?

Yes you do in order to validate your warranty and guarantee certificate. We strongly recommend that all our customers make use of mattress protectors. They preserve and protect the mattress surface from stains and soiling, and are available from any of our stores.

Why is it so important to choose the right mattress?

You spend at least a third of your life in a bed. The more quality sleep you get the healthier and happier you'll be. That is why you should spend time choosing the right mattress for your unique individual needs. You don't need to understand the technical specifications and complexities of modern mattresses. Our Specialist Sleep Consultants will recommend a bed to fulfill your support and comfort needs by using our Comfort Solutions Lab®.

What base do I require for my mattress?

We recommend pairing matching bases with mattresses wherever possible as this eliminates support problems. During use, both mattress and base wear out together. The base provides support to the mattress but also the person sleeping on it - so it makes sense that when you buy a new mattress you should also buy a new base.

What is the best possible sleep solution for a child?

The best mattress for a child is one that will provide all the support and comfort that a rapidly growing little body needs. Your child will spend more time in contact with their mattress than anything else. A simple piece of foam may not be the most supportive platform. A child grows most during sleep and a good mattress will aid healthy bodily development, helping to prevent muscular-skeletal disorders in later life.

What happens to my old mattress?

We offer you the opportunity to safely dispose of your old bed set. We will be happy to remove your old mattress set to be sent for charitable donation. We cannot, however, take bed frames, headboards or other furniture as these units may cause damage to items on the delivery vehicle. If you have any old furniture you would like to donate to charity, many charitable organisations will gratefully organise a home pick-up. Please note that we can only offer the mattress removal service when our delivery team makes the delivery, not a courier company. This service is therefore currently only available in Gauteng and Western Cape.

Do I need to rotate or flip my mattress?

This will depend on the make and model of your mattress. You will find instructions on how to rotate /flip your mattress and how often you should rotate/ flip your mattress in your warranty certificate.

Need any help?

Give us a call: +27 21 951 6201

Email: support@bedking.co.za

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