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Single Mattresses For Sale

Our Single Mattresses may be small, but they're packed with the highest quality ingredients! We use only the best materials to ensure that all our single mattresses provide the sleeper with the best that can be offered in terms of support and comfort. Browse our range below!

Benefits of a Single Mattress

A single mattress doesn't have to mean lonely nights...it can also mean stretching out and having your own space while you drift off into dreamland on a Comfort Solutions or Mewer single mattress. With our range of Single Mattresses online, you'll be spoilt for choice. We have something for every comfort and support level, and every budget too. From a bed for your student bedroom, a snooze pad for a kids room or even an extra bed for your guest bedroom, you'll be jumping for joy after spending a night in one of our mattresses. Browse our range to find your perfect sleep fit.

Features of a Single Mattress

We'll start out by telling you the boring stuff, like how our Single Mattresses measure 91.5cm by 188cm. If you want extra length, you're looking at 91.5cm by 200cm. But don't forget about the interesting facts too, like how our mattresses are made with you in mind. You see, every single mattresses is developed using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, which measures unique pressure points and identifies where extra support and comfort is needed. This means that our mattresses are made for your body and lifestyle.


Which is the most comfortable Single Mattress?

The most comfortable Single Mattress for you or your loved ones is the one that matches the person’s Comfort Solutions Number. The only way to find your Comfort Solutions Number is to experience the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Comfort Solutions Lab measures your unique pressure points and assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number which then correlates to certain mattresses in our range. The recommended mattresses will relieve pressure and provide ultimate comfort as you sleep.

Will 2 Single Mattresses make a King?

Yes! This is why a two Single Mattresses are perfect for a guest bedroom. Have a couple sleeping over? Simply push the two beds together to form a delightful King Mattress.

How can I store my Single Mattress?

Moving? Painting? Simply need to store your mattress? Please don’t store it on its side as this could cause the comfort layers to warp. The best way to store your mattress is to lay it flat as if you’re ready to sleep on it. This is the best way to ensure that your mattress does not warp or distort during movement and storage.

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