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Get rid of the myths and misinformation - truly impressed with the Comfort Lab Solutions concept and attention to detail. #morethanamattress

Dr Darren Green Emergency & Sports Medicine Doctor & Neurowellness

I love sleep, it's one of my favourite things to do! I only work with the best and I am a King. So Bed King is the only way for me.

Siv Ngesi Award Winning Actor, Comedian, TV Presenter

On going to Bed King, I learned that there is actually a much better way to find the perfect mattress. It's a game changer to elevating your sleep, and essentially your life.

Bailey Schneider Radio Presenter

The guys really go into details when explaining their products. They also have a scan which helps to define the most appropriate bed for your support and comfort.

Basi Thamaga- Customer, Bed King Fourways

A really great experience visiting Bed King and making use of their Comfort Solutions Lab. I'll definitely recommend Bed King to friends and family.

Abby Mills- Customer, Bed King Claremont

What is the Comfort Solutions Lab ®?

The Comfort Solutions Lab® is exclusive to Bed King and uses advanced pressure mapping technology to determine your unique comfort and support needs. Based on your needs, the Lab will provide you with your Comfort Solutions Number and our consultants will then show you the mattresses that match your Number. This is the secret behind our success when it comes to recommending the best mattress options first time, every time

Your unique sleeping patterns are used to recommend a Comfort Solutions mattress that understands how to remove pressure and offer support and comfort while you sleep.

How It Works

Instead of trying out all the mattresses in the Comfort Solutions range, the Comfort Solutions Lab® provides you with mattress recommendations backed by science.

The Science

Our Comfort Solutions Lab® - installed at every Bed King outlet in South Africa - uses advanced pressure mapping technology that helps to determine your unique comfort and support needs based on your body composition and sleep position. Our Comfort Solutions Lab® uses your unique data to recommend a Comfort Solutions mattress that "knows" how to properly support and comfort your body while you sleep.



Each Comfort Solutions Lab® is a spacious booth that includes the mattress with built-in pressure mapping sensors.

Customers lie on the Comfort Solutions Lab® test mattress in their usual sleep positions.


Pressure Mapping

Your pressure map is recorded to identify your unique pressure points.

The Comfort Solutions Lab® identifies two primary factors - the comfort level of each individual and the customer's required support.


Receive Your Comfort Solution Number

The technology provides your unique Comfort Solutions Number, which is matched with the best mattress options available. Recommended mattresses will match your specific requirements based on science - taking the guesswork out of choosing a mattress.

Reasons To Book

Our Comfort Solutions Lab® is invaluable not only because we can better serve our customers, but because we can now objectively recommend a mattress based on our clients' needs, thereby providing them with the perfect night's sleep.
  • Advanced Pressure Point Technology
  • The Only Way To Find The Right Mattress
  • Receive a 10% Discount Voucher

Book your Comfort Solutions Lab appointment

  • Advanced Pressure Point Technology
  • Easily Find The Right Mattress
  • Receive a 10% Discount Voucher
  • ±10 Min Consultation

Customer Details

Why The Correct Mattress Matters

Mattress Choice Based on Science

In the past, choosing a bed was based on the customers personal preferences and their perception of comfort. Now, thanks to the Comfort Solutions Lab, customers can make an informed decision based on science.

Protect Your Well-Being

The negative impact of sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is rather shocking as people can toss and turn up to 80 times a night. As a result, they seldom develop a deep sleep pattern which could ultimately affect their mental and physical well-being.

Balance Comfort + Support

Through extensive research, Bed King realised that the key to a good night's sleep is the connection between comfort and the amount of pressure a mattress exerts on the body. A global study identified new pressure-mapping technology and with it, the inception of the Comfort Solutions Lab®.

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Complimentary Assessment

Advanced Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

What you need to know before you book

Understanding the results

Everything you need to know

How long does the Comfort Solutions Lab® analysis take?

The Comfort Solutions Lab® determines the comfort and support you require in a mattress in less than 5 minutes.

What information must I provide?

We only require your first name and your sleeping position.

How does the Comfort Solutions Lab® measure my body?

The Comfort Solutions Lab® has over 1600 pressure sensors built into it. The pressure sensors use advanced pressure mapping technology to accurately determine your unique pressure points.

Does my sleeping partner need to be with me?

We recommend that both partners take the Comfort Solutions Lab® analysis together so that both partners support, and comfort needs can be accurately measured before making a recommendation that will suit the both of you.

Is there a cost associated with using the Comfort Solutions Lab®?

There are no costs involved with using the Comfort Solutions Lab®. Simply book a session or visit your nearest store.

Is there a Comfort Solutions Lab® near me? Where is the closest one?

Comfort Solutions Labs® are located at all Bed King stores nationwide. Please visit the locations page to locate your nearest store.

Can children receive a Comfort Solutions Lab® analysis?

Yes, they can. It is important that children sleep on the correct mattress to properly support and comfort their growing bodies. Keep in mind that children grow rapidly therefore their results may change at more swiftly.

Can the Comfort Solutions Lab® recommend a pillow?

Yes, it can. Based on your sleeping position, the Comfort Solutions Lab® recommends a pillow that will fit your Comfort Solutions mattress the best.

What is my Comfort Solutions number and what does it do?

Based on your pressure points, the Comfort Solutions Lab® recommends you your Comfort Solutions number - a number unique to your comfort and support needs. Your recommended mattresses will be those labelled with your Comfort Solutions number. The comfort layers and support systems found inside these mattresses have been purposely selected to properly support and comfort you.

What is comfort and why is it important?

Comfort is achieved by the reduction of pressure on the body. Pressure destroys comfort. The more pressure exerted on the body by the mattress, the less the comfort. When the correct comfort is achieved, your pressure points will be relieved allowing you to sleep deeply.

What is support and why is it important?

Correct support of the body is when your spine is perfectly aligned with your head, enabling your muscles to relax. Inadequate support affects the alignment, causing your muscles to go into spasm.

How do I know my comfort and support needs?

The Comfort Solutions Lab® will reveal a results screen with your pressure map which indicates your unique pressure points as well as areas where you require support.

What if my sleeping partner has a different result to mine?

No two people will have the exact same result as we are all built differently and sleep differently. In a case such as this, the result will accommodate the support needs of the partner needing extra support and the comfort needs to the partner that requires extra pressure relief.

Why has my results changed?

Your Comfort Solution number may change if your body composition and or sleeping position has changed.

Is there an additional warranty provided after being analyzed by Comfort Solutions Lab®?

No, however each Comfort Solutions® mattress comes with a standard guarantee and warranty. Please view the product page for specific guarantee and warranty periods.

What if I don't like the recommended Comfort Solution mattresses?

The Comfort Solutions Lab® is the only tool in South Africa that can accurately determine your comfort and support needs, thereby recommending you a Comfort Solution mattress that is right for your needs. Keep in mind that it takes two weeks for your body to get used to sleeping on a new mattress with new technology. In the unlikely event that you find your recommended Comfort Solution unsuitable, our Comfort Exchange policy will apply.
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