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Flat Sheets For Sale

Our superb range of flat sheets is made from high-quality pure cotton or polycotton blends. The perfect combination of soft and crisp to offer luxurious comfort.

Why Use Flat Sheets?

Flat sheets are used between your fitted sheet and duvet. This serves as a sanitary barrier by reducing the amount of body oils and other forms of soil that transfers onto your duvet cover or comforter. Additionally, flat sheets can be used as a covering in warmer weather - offering a luxurious feel, without the weight and heat of a duvet. In cooler weather, a flat sheet can offer extra warmth and softness to keep you in a comfortable slumber.

Why Buy Flat Sheets From Bed King

Our high-quality flat sheets are made from pure cotton - offering excellent breathability and great temperature regulation. You can choose between 200, 230 and 550 thread count flat sheets - meaning they are sumptuously soft and well-wearing compared to sheets with a lower thread count. Our flat sheets selection is available in all bed sizes, from single to super king - so no matter your bed size, you can get magnificently refreshing flat sheets for all the beds in your home.

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