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King Beds For Sale

A king size bed is what luxury feels like. Browse our range of large beds for sale to find the best king size bed for your space and comfort needs.

Reasons to Buy a King Sized Bed

A King Bed is a perfect choice for couples who like a little more room to stretch out, or for families to spend some much needed cuddle time in a large and comfortable bed. Another great reason to invest in a King Bed is to have enough space for your pets. Whether it's a few cats or a big dog or two, you'll have all the space in the world to cuddle with your pooches. A King Bed is also the perfect choice for hotels and guesthouses, offering enough space for guests wishing to unwind and relax.

The Benefits of King Beds

One of the main benefits of a King Bed is having extra comfort due to all the extra space. A King Bed is also a great option for restless sleepers, allowing them to move around in their sleep without disturbing their partner. It remains a versatile bed for all rooms, allowing you to spread your creative wings in the bedroom. Our range of King Beds can all become the focal point of your bedroom and can even become a talking point. If you use the Comfort Solutions Lab, you can buy a King Bed that will provide adequate support and comfort all through the night.


What are the dimensions of a King Bed?

The standard dimensions for a King Sized Bed is 183cm by 188cm. If you are a little taller than most, or simply want a little extra room, your extra length King Bed will measure 183cm by 200cm.

Which King Bed is best for me?

The best bed for you is the one that adequately relieves your pressure points and provides you with the most comfort possible. We aren’t able to recommend a mattress to you, but we have a tool that we use to scientifically find you the right bed. The Comfort Solutions Lab measures your pressure points and assigns you with a Comfort Solutions Number which corresponds to beds in our range that will relieve your pressure points and provide enough comfort to keep you sleeping peacefully all night long.

Why is a King Base just 2 single bases pushed together?

In order to prevent a PIVOT situation like the one from F.R.I.E.N.D.S we split our King Bed bases in order to get them up narrow staircases and around tight corners.

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