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Medium Beds For Sale

Not too soft, but not too hard either. The Medium Bed is the perfect middle of the road option for those looking for enough support with added layers of comfort. Browse our Medium Beds below and find the bed that's perfect for your body and lifestyle

How to choose your Medium Bed

It's pretty difficult to choose the right Medium mattress for your needs and budget, but thankfully with the Comfort Solutions Lab, it can be a walk in the park. The Comfort Solutions Lab uses cutting-edge pressure mapping technology to help you find the mattress that's just right for your needs. There's a Comfort Solutions Lab in every store, waiting to assign you your Comfort Solutions Number, which corresponds to various mattresses in our range. You can then pick the mattress that fits both your budget and your body! Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking today!

Why choose Comfort Solutions?

Comfort Solutions is the only brand in South Africa that is designed for your unique needs, body and budget. The Comfort Solutions range starts off by being developed using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, making it perfectly designed for your body. Then, it's hand-crafted using age-old techniques and tricks to create the most luxurious and wonderful bed for you. Lastly, it's sold in our stores, using guidance from our sleep consultants and the Comfort Solutions Lab to ensure that you are getting the bed that's perfectly suited to you!


What is the best Medium Bed for side sleepers?

The best Medium Bed for side sleepers is the one that relieves your pressure points the most. If you’re not sure about which bed to buy, consult the Comfort Solutions Lab. This pressure mapping device will guide you to the bed that will relieve your pressure the most!

Are Medium Beds good for your back?

The best bed for your back is the one that relieves your pressure points. In order to find the right bed for you, try out the Comfort Solutions Lab. The Lab maps out your unique pressure points and directs you to the beds that will suit your body best. Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking now!

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