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Double Bed Mattresses For Sale

The Double Bed Mattress is the perfect size for couples starting out in their first home, teenagers with their first big bed, and the guest bedroom. Big enough for two but small enough to fit into those compact rooms. Browse our Double Bed Mattresses below and find the mattress perfect for your home!

Make a Difference with a Double Mattress

In smaller rooms, a Double Mattress plays an important practical role. The humble Double Mattress is big enough for two people, or provides a roomy and spacious sleeping pad for a single person. It also allows space for other pieces of bedroom furniture, like side tables, a chest of drawers or even an ottoman or chair. The Double Mattress is the perfect solution for smaller rooms where every square metre counts. For our favourite Double Mattresses, check out our curated range above.

Double Mattress Sizes

Ever wondered what the size of a Double Mattress is? We've got all the answers. A Double Mattress measures 137cm in width and 188cm in length for all standard length Double Mattresses. If you're slightly taller than most, or simply want a little more room, you can always get your Double Mattress in extra length, which measures 200cm. In order to find the best Double Mattress for your needs, we recommend you try out the Comfort Solutions Lab. This exclusive Lab uses over 1 600 pressure sensors to map your unique pressure points and provide you with a Comfort Solutions Number which in turn correlates to various mattresses in our range. These mattresses are designed for your body and will ensure that you have a delightful sleep, every single night.


Which Double Mattress is the best?

The best Double Mattress is the one that matches your Comfort Solutions Number. This is determined by taking a Comfort Solutions Lab test, which identifies your unique pressure points and recommends you a mattress based on your comfort and support needs.

What happens if my partner and I have different Comfort Solutions Numbers?

As we say, relationships are all about compromise. You can choose to compromise with a Comfort Solutions Number that will work for both partners, or we can make a mattress for each partner based on their unique Comfort Solutions Number and then fit the two mattresses together. Speak to one of our sleep consultants to discuss what would work best for you.

How can I protect my Double Mattress?

The only way to protect your mattress is with a Mattress Protector. This waterproof, breathable layer fits over your mattress like a fitted sheet and protects your new investment from spills, messes and allergens. You even get them for your pillows! Browse our range of Mattress Protectors.

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