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Bed in a Box For Sale

Tight spaces have met their match with our handy Bed-in-a-Box! These high quality, oh-so-comfortable mattresses are compressed and rolled to fit into a compact little package, perfect for tight stairwells and small cars. No matter the size of your bed, we can get it in the box!

Innovative Technology

We have trawled far and wide to ensure that our Bed in a Box mattresses are crafted with no less than 3 layers of 100% Pure Foam. This allows the mattresses to be expertly compressed and rolled into a small box that can be handled and delivered with ease.

Layer One: Pressure Relief

Your mattress starts off with a pressure relieving top layer, providing comfort in the places you need it most. This is often your shoulders, lower back and hips.

Layer Two: Spinal Alignment

The second, middle layer of your expertly crafted mattress contains a firmer, more supportive foam which ensures that your spine is kept in alignment all night long. We'll have you jumping out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Layer Three: Expert Support

A compressed and rolled mattress is not always associated with excellent support, but we've made sure that our Bed in a Box range has an incredible third and final layer that prevents you from feeling as if you are sinking into the depths of your mattress. 


How do you compress the mattress?

Have you ever vacuum packed some clothing to put in storage? It’s kind of the same thing. A machine compresses the mattress into it’s plastic packaging and then vacuum seals it shut. We then simply roll up the mattress and pop it in a box, ready for the road!

What is my Bed in a Box made from?

All of our Bed in a Box mattresses are made from 100% Pure Foam. This is foam that contains no fillers or chalks to ensure that your mattress can be expertly compressed and then rise to it’s full height afterwards.

Are all the Mattress in a Box beds soft?

We have three layers in all our Bed in a Box mattresses, which ensures that the mattresses have different support and comfort levels. They’re not all soft, but they’re all perfectly comfortable.

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