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Memory Foam Beds For Sale

These Memory Foam Beds will be the perfect addition to your sleep paradise. Made with only the highest quality memory foam, these beds hug the contours of your body, offering the ultimate support and comfort for you. Browse our Memory Foam Beds below to find your fit!

Memory Foam Technology Benefits

Ever wondered who developed Memory Foam Technology? Well, we're here to tell you. It was NASA, in 1966. Well, actually, it was Charles Yost for NASA but you get our point. Memory Foam was developed to cushion literal astronauts. And if it's good enough for space, it's even better for your bedroom. Memory Foam helps to relieve pressure and contains Visco Elastic, which absorbs energy and limits motion transfer. Memory Foam Beds also respond to your body temperature and some even contain cooling technology which is perfect for the South African climate. And possibly the best feature? Memory Foam Beds are non-toxic, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic!

How To Find The Best Memory Foam Bed For You

The only way to find the best mattress for your needs is to first understand why you have those needs. How are you built? What position do you sleep in? Where do you need extra support? All these questions can be answered in under 5 minutes with the Comfort Solutions Lab! This exclusive Lab uses expert pressure mapping technology to measure your body's unique pressure points and identify where you need more support and comfort based on your sleeping position. The Comfort Solutions Lab then assigns you a Comfort Solutions Number which in turn correlates to various mattresses in our range. Every bed it recommends is designed using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, making it perfect for your body and sleep needs.

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