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Pocket Spring Pillows For Sale

A Pocket Spring Pillow is the ideal pillow for those looking for a little less pressure on their neck and shoulders as they sleep. If you're trying to ease the pressure, or simply just in the market for a delightfully poofy pillow, check out our range of Pocket Spring Pillows below!

Benefits of Pocket Spring Pillows

Pocket Springs have an uncanny ability to reduce pressure on key areas, which is great if you're someone that carries a great deal of tension in your upper back and shoulders.

They feature individual pocket springs encased in their own little fabric pocket. This allows each spring to react individually to the pressure and weight you put on it.
The individual pocket springs also make the Pocket Spring Pillow more durable.
The Pocket Spring Pillow is an elegantly crafted pillow which adapts to the natural contours of your head and neck, providing excellent support while you sleep.
Do you even need another reason to try out a Pocket Spring Pillow? Well, we'll throw one in any way.
These pillows are luxuriously comfortable and the spring core support system makes it the perfect pillow for everyday use. It works well under your head, but also can support your back when you're sitting up in bed too.
Browse our range of Pocket Spring Pillows above.

Finding your Perfect Pillow Partner

The right pillow can be difficult to find, but with the Comfort Solutions Pillow Fit Process, this can be an easy, pain-free experience. The Pillow Fit Process makes use of our exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab to find the pillow that relieves your pressure points the most.

Here's how it works.
You start out by picking three pillows based on your sleeping position and their comfort feel.
Then, you lie on the Comfort Solutions Lab mattress and do a little test to find out where your most prominent pressure points are.
You try each of the pillows in the Comfort Solutions Lab, checking after each one to see how they have reduced your pressure points.
But how do you know when you've found the right pillow?
Well, you'll see it on the screen. The pillow that relieves your pressure points the most is the one for you!
Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking today and receive a Pillow Fit as part of the experience. Or visit your nearest store to experience the magic first hand.


What are Pocket Spring Pillows?

Pocket Spring Pillows are pillows that contain individual Pocket Springs, each encased in their own little fabric pocket. This provides loads of support and comfort in abundance. Browse our range above.

How can I take care of my Pocket Spring Pillow?

The best way to take care of any pillow is to use a Pillow Protector. This handy waterproof and breathable layer fits over your pillow like a pillow case and protects your pillow from spills, drool and allergens. It’s a must for every bedroom! Check out our range of wonderful Pillow Protectors

What sleeping position is best suited to a Pocket Spring Pillow?

Since the Pocket Spring Pillow is typically not contoured, it is suitable for every sleeping position. The best pillow is the one that relieves your pressure points so follow our Pillow Fit Process to find your perfect pillow partner!

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