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Down Pillows For Sale

We stock a selection of high-quality feather pillows including down pillows, goose down and goose feather pillows. Our feather and down pillows are ethically sourced, NOMITE®-certified and EDFA compliant.

The Benefits of Goose Down Pillows

Aside from being extravagantly luxurious and stunningly soft, down pillows have a number of other benefits as well. These include:

Benefits of Goose Down/ Feather Pillows

Down pillows are the smart choice for people prone to allergies. Hypoallergenic down pillows are naturally anti-allergenic because they do not attract bacteria or fungi. Duck and goose down pillows are fluffy whilst still being able to hold your preferred shape after fluffing. Feather pillows are also naturally insulating, which means it won't absorb your body heat and therefore it will remain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Down Pillow/ Feather Pillow Features

We are proud to offer you feather pillows that are stunningly soft and luxurious. Our ethically-sourced down and feathers are harvested, processed, sterilised, dedusted and graded according to the strict standards of the European Down and Feather Association. We believe in our range of quality feather pillows - so you can too.

DID YOU KNOW? Our feather pillows carry a 2-year guarantee. As such, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a fuss-free sleeping experience backed by our unwavering belief in the exceptional quality of our products.

Duck down, Hungarian goose down or goose feather?

Do you have any questions about duck down vs goose down pillows? Get in touch with us and we'll assist you in choosing feather pillows that tick all your must-have boxes.

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