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Comfort Solutions Mattresses For Sale

This exclusive collection of Mattresses are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. Made using data from the exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab, these Mattresses were handcrafted for you. Browse the top quality range of Mattresses below and get snoozing on some luxury! Exclusive to Bed King.

Why Choose Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions is made exclusively for Bed King and is crafted to ensure that you are getting the right support and comfort that your body needs. Each bed is crafted using age-old techniques and the best ingredients to maintain a standard of quality that will keep your mattress in tip top shape for years. Comfort Solutions is also the only brand in South Africa that is crafted using data from the Comfort Solutions Lab, ensuring that every bed is made for your specific needs, sleeping position and body type.

Choosing the Right Mattress

If you have ever walked into a mattress store and left confused, you were definitely not in a Bed King store. Here, we make choosing the right mattress a simple but scientific process. We use the Comfort Solutions Lab, a unique pressure mapping system which identifies your pressure points and assigns you a Comfort Solutions number. This then corresponds to certain mattresses in the Comfort Solutions range, which match your comfort and support needs perfectly. We've taken the guesswork out of finding the right mattress! Make a Comfort Solutions Lab booking today.


How often should I change my mattress?

We recommend changing your mattress every 8 years. In that time, you will have spent a whopping average of 23 360 hours on your mattress. That is a lot of time to spend curled up in bed, so you can only imagine the amount of wear and tear that your mattress can take in that time.

How can I protect my mattress?

The best, and perhaps only, way to protect your mattress is using a Mattress Protector! A Mattress Protector is possibly the single most important investment you make after purchasing your mattress. This is a thin, breathable but waterproof layer which protects your bed from spills, mites and allergens. Some even double as a fitted sheet!

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