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South African Bed and Mattress Sizes

There are several factors to consider when buying a new bed, and one of the major ones is making a decision about bed sizes. At Bed King we are proud to stock a huge range of brands in all bed sizes. So, whether you are looking for a first bed for your little angel or a king size bed so that you don't get kicked in the night by your partner, we are your one stop bed shop. When it comes to buying a new bed there are several other things to take into consideration:
  • Budget - this is the first step. Decide what you want to spend and then make a short list.
  • Brand preference - we stock several brands, both local and international, each of them quality bed manufacturers.
  • Comfort level - at Bed King we have revolutionised the way people shop for beds. By focussing on comfort we have created the Sleep Solution Studio®. Our simple colour coded system allows you to choose a new bed based on its comfort level - your decision is based on how you feel. Whether you like a firm mattress or a pillow soft ultra plush mattress, our Sleep Solution Studio® allows you to choose the right bed.

Your Handy Bed Size Reference Table

Bed or Mattress Size Metric (cm) Imperial (Inches)
Super King Bed Size 200cm x 200cm 78.74" x 78.74"
King Bed Size 183cm x 188cm 72.04" x 74.01"
Queen Bed Size 152cm x 188cm 59.84" x 74.01"
Double Bed Size 137cm x 188cm 53.93" x 74.01"
Three Quarter Bed Size 107cm x 188cm 42.12" x 74.01"
Single Bed Size 91cm x 188cm 35.82" x 74.01"

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So, you have decided what you want to spend and you've used our unique

Super King Bed Size

Super King Size Bed Dimensions

The largest of all the beds, a super king size bed conjures up images of royalty and grandeur.

The super king size bed dimensions in South Africa are:
  • 200cm x 200cm
By purchasing a super king size bed you are making a serious investment in your quality of sleep. It is the best of both worlds when it comes to sharing a bed - large enough to have your own space, but still able to snuggle when you want to.

A super king size bed means you can have the whole family in the bed without anyone being shoved out, and you can even share with the dogs without being pushed to the edge of the bed.

The stuff of fairy tales and movies, and super king is one super sized purchase you won't regret.

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King Bed Size

King Size Bed Dimensions

The king of beds, the name really does say it all, a king size bed fit for a king, or queen.

The standard king size bed dimensions in South Africa are:
  • 183cm x 188cm
For an extra length king size bed the dimensions are:
  • 183cm x 200cm
Fittingly named, a king bed is the biggest of the bed sizes. A
king sized mattress is approximately the size of two single beds. When purchasing this size bed, take the time to measure your bedroom and ensure that you have ample space for additional furniture, such as bedside tables.

If you want a totally undisturbed night's sleep, free of tossing and turning from the other side of the bed, where you don't even realise you are sharing a bed with your partner then go for a king size bed.
Size does matter when it comes to making a decision about your bed, and if budget and space allow for it, this size really is the king of beds.

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Queen Bed Size

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

The standard queen bed size dimensions are 152cm x 188cm, with some brands offering extra length in this mattress size. The queen size bed is one of the most popular bed sizes. It's versatility makes it ideal for both couples and single sleepers, and it fits into most main bedrooms without too much hassle.

If you like that feeling of snuggling, but also like your space and queen size mattress is ideal. It allows you and your partner to sleep without much disturbance, unless one of you really thrashes around in your sleep, while still being close enough for cuddling, whether it's your partner or your pets.

Not too big and not too small, for the majority of bedroom layouts a queen size bed offers the perfect proportions while delivering on space and comfort.

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Double Bed Size

Double Bed Dimensions

Smaller than a queen, but still suitable for two sleepers, the standard double bed size is:
  • 137cm x 188cm
Also available in extra length (200cm) double beds are an excellent option for the following uses:
  • Spare bedrooms
  • Young couples
  • Guest houses and hotels
  • Smaller main bedrooms
A great options for smaller spaces, or smaller people, double beds are a budget friendly way of upgrading from a smaller bed without compromising too much on space.

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Three Quarter Bed Size

Three Quarter Bed Dimensions

The three quarter bed size is a very popular one with young adults. Slightly bigger than a single bed, and three quarter size bed offers just that little bit more space than a single.

Three quarter size mattress dimensions:
  • 107cm x 188cm (also available in extra length)
Perfect for your sleep-craving teenager or young university student, a three quarter bed signals a coming of age - growing out of the bed you slept in as a child is a rite of passage. The great thing about a three quarter bed is that you don't have to renovate the entire house to upgrade a bedroom.

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Single Bed Size

Single size bed dimensions

Perhaps the most versatile of the bed sizes, single bed mattresses can be used in many different situations.
  • The bed of your childhood dreams
  • One of a pair in a spare room
  • As a daybed in a large room
  • In hotels or guest houses
The standard single bed dimensions are:
  • 91cm x 188cm (with extra length at 200cm)
Suitable for tiny bedroom spaces, a single bed can fit just about anywhere!

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What is an Extra Length Bed?

For those who struggle with the issue of feet hanging over the edge of the bed many of the mattress brands produce extra length beds. The standard length is 188cm, but for those who are over six feet tall, this just isn't long enough.
The length of an extra length bed is 200cm, which caters perfectly for taller people. Just make sure you buy extra length linen!

Choose the bed size that fits you

There are so many factors to consider when looking at bed sizes. Another very important thing to consider is the actual weight capacity of your bed. The bigger the bed, the larger the weight it can support, so this is important to remember when choosing bed sizes.
The size of the room, the nature of your sleeping patterns, who (or what) your share your bed with all need to be factored in, along with your own comfort requirements. Thanks to the no fuss, simple approach of bed buying at Bed King, along with the expertise of our staff, you don't need a degree is sleep science. Visit your nearest Bed King store and discover our range of beds in all sizes.

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