The Final Word In Luxurious And Comfortable Beds

Why Comfort Solutions

Sure, there are a lot of comfortable high-quality beds out there, but a bed is only truly comfortable if it is matched precisely with your specific comfort and support needs. And that's exactly what sets Comfort Solutions® apart - no other bed retailer has put so much into the assessment of their customers' unique pressure points and sleep positions. In fact, your Comfort Solutions® experience doesn't start with our mattresses - instead, unlike any other mattress brand, you'll start with a full needs assessment in our proprietary Comfort Solutions Lab®.

Arguably the most comfortable mattresses in the world, when you sleep on a Comfort Solutions® mattress you will be transported to a world where you sink into a deep dreamy sleep, waking up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the world at large.

The entire Comfort Solutions® range has been designed and made with South Africans in mind. We have gathered data from our Comfort Solutions Lab® and used this to develop beds that uniquely fulfil the sleep needs of our South African customers.

Comfort Solutions® has created a range of beds that are extremely luxurious and supremely comfortable. The entire range is locally manufactured using skilful handcrafting techniques, such as flanging and the use of hog rings, rarely used by other South African bed manufacturers. This adds to the structural soundness and durability of Comfort Solutions® beds and offers you longer-lasting comfort and support.

So, How Did We Do It?

With the use of data collected by each exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab® installed at our stores nationwide, our team has real-time information on the needs of South African mattress and bed buyers. As such, we are able to expand our range of comfortable mattresses with the requirements of our local demographic in mind. The technology used in the Comfort Solutions Lab® is based on trailblazing pressure-point technology, which has been adapted to accurately determine your comfort and support needs, all within the space of five minutes. So, instead of jumping from one bed to the next, unsure of which one is right for you, the Comfort Solutions Lab® provides you with your unique Comfort Solutions Number® and makes mattress recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

All the parts of these exquisite mattresses, including the fabric, foams, spring units, labels, tags etc, are sourced from local South Africa suppliers - supporting our local economy. Along with this, our reusable and recyclable packaging used for our complementary Comfort Solutions® pillow and linen products and the longevity of our Comfort Solutions mattresses mean less landfill waste and a more sustainable product range.

Book an appointment to receive your Comfort Solutions Number® and find the most comfortable bed for your sleep position and requirements.

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