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How To Pick The Perfect Pillow

Why Your Pillow Matters

Your pillow plays a vital role in the quality of sleep you get each night. The wrong pillow can cause neck- and shoulder tension and give rise to headaches. Choosing a pillow that suits your sleeping preferences will contribute to restful nights & productive days.
Time to Replace Your Pillow?

Experiencing recurring stiffness or pain in your neck? Noticing visible lumps or bumps on your pillow? Or perhaps your head has left a permanent impression that's impossible to fluff out? If more than 2 years has passed since you last replaced your pillow, it's time.

Our Pick-A-Pillow Guide

Types of Pillows We Stock

Latex makes for a durable, resilient and well-ventilated pillow that offers firm support for effective pressure relief. It is also naturally hypoallergenic and sanitised against fungus and bacteria.
Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows mold its shape around your neck and head. Elastic contour variations improve blood circulation; while gel-infused variants respond to body temperature to reduce heat build-up.
Pocket Spring

Pocket-spring pillows feature instantly adaptive qualities that allow for a soft, plump feeling and seamless adaptation to shifting weight and movement as you change position throughout the night.

Down is a classic pillow filling. It is softer than regular feathers and provides medium firmness. We offer ethically-sourced goose-, duck-, and Hungarian goose down pillows for discerning sleepers.

Micro-fibre pillows have a luxurious down feel with the added benefit of being suitable for sleepers who suffer from allergies to feathers and house dust mites. It is often the choice of premium hotels.
Micro Memory Foam

Micro-memory pillows are especially helpful for individuals who experience muscular tension and trouble sleeping, and require bedding that allows proper air circulation to facilitate a restful night's sleep.

What Type of Sleeper are You?
Stomach Sleeper
When you sleep on your stomach, a very fluffy pillow will put strain on your lower back. Use a thinner, less voluminous pillow to support your head.
Back Sleeper
Back sleepers should choose a medium-firm pillow that keeps their head from tilting either too far back, or too far forward, placing strain on the neck & jaw.
Side Sleeper
Side sleepers should opt for a large medium to firm pillow that keeps the head in line with the neck and spine, bridging the gap between the body & mattress.

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