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March 08, 2024 Beds and Mattresses
Find your perfect mattress on a budget at a Bed King store near you Find your perfect mattress on a budget at a Bed King store near you

But what about your bed, South Africa?

With SA’s Budget Speech raising the stakes on sin tax and the presidency of G20 2025, citizens are again left questioning their cut-backs on the shopping list. With more and more luxury items taking a back seat, South African homeowners are second guessing their creature comforts, deciding what should stay and what should go?

South Africans are holding their breath for a year ahead that will demand focus on more necessities and less luxuries - and the good ‘ol mattress is up for debate. Following the Budget Speech, most homeowners find themselves reaching for the piggy bank, and strictly evaluating their household items. Luxury or necessity? This is the question making its rounds. 

It seems a fridge and a stove are heavily weighted on the must-have list (necessity) - maybe the Xbox too - whilst fancy lamp shades, an aircon and the built-in cupboards you’ve been wanting to order since 2019, are moving to the ‘nice-to-have’ list (luxury). Fair enough. But what about your bed - luxury or necessity? 

Since this essential piece of bedroom furniture has long outlived the Egyptians in every modern household, one would classify it to be a necessity. But, when it comes to upgrading an old mattress to a new one, the general trend is, ‘let’s wait’. Ah, and suddenly, a luxury! South Africans are inclined to hold out on improving their sleep quality, despite the detriments of an expired mattress. Most will wait out the ‘back pain’, in hope of saving more rands and cents, but to what end? 

Amidst economic considerations, the importance of a good night's sleep on productivity and mental wellness cannot be overstated - with 25% of workers claiming to perform far better and achieve optimum productivity after a good night’s sleep (that is, between 7-8 hours). The Sleep Foundation cited ‘poor sleep quality’ as a precursor to exacerbate depression and, in Australia alone, a study by Gitnux.org reports that sleep problems cost Australia 1.5% of its GDP directly, and 4.6% indirectly, impacting employee performance. How then does this ‘usual suspect’ (the mattress) not get the thumbs up in the ‘must-have’ department? 

The good news: a comfortable, quality bed becomes not only a necessity and an essential part of the home, it is a luxury that doesn’t need to cost an arm or a leg (or physio fees), thanks to the Mewer Range. Locally produced and designed to fit the diverse shapes and sizes of South African budgets and bodies, Mewer is an exclusive Bed King range that ticks all the pockets without compromising on comfort or quality. 

True to its best price-best-value quality promise, Bed King recommends Mewer as a necessary luxury: the affordable yet high-quality choice, for the shoestring customer - with beds and mattress starting from under R 5000. This means in fact – investing in a good night’s sleep (for up to 8 years!!) could cost you less than monthly car diesel in South Africa! 

Not only easy on the pocket, but popular in its design too, Mewer is an affordable luxury that boasts South Africa’s first double baked hourglass spring system, coupled with Pure Foam comfort levels.   

Why we love Mewer:

- Budget Beautiful: cost effective and it looks good on your bank notification.

- Reputable: ‘bed there done that!’ - with over 20 years of reviews on the market.

- Locally Produced: high quality jersey-knit ticking made by South African hands. Nice!

- 100% Pure Foam: meaning, no chalk or fillers that might deteriorate the mattress over time.

- All Ages and Sizes: from kids to adults to single beds to queen size beds.

Beyond its exclusivity of the Mewer Range, Bed King holds its place as South Africa’s leading bed and mattress provider, committed to the luxurious necessity of sleep – with a value promise that resonates with the budget-conscious South African. This includes: 

1. Pocket Friendly Options: Bed King understands the importance of affordability, especially in challenging economic times. Every Bed King range includes options that cater to a wide spectrum of budgets, ensuring that quality sleep is accessible to all.

2. Best Price & Transparent Pricing: Bed King is committed to transparency in pricing, eliminating hidden costs and ensuring that customers are aware of exactly what they’re paying for.

3. Quality Design: Despite being budget-friendly, Bed King does not compromise on quality. Each bed and mattress undergo meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity.

4. Comfort First: Recognising that comfort is king, and that a good night's sleep is essential for overall health and productivity, Bed King not only offers a Comfort Solutions Lab instore, for personalised bed mapping experiences but customers can take advantage of a 10% discount just by taking a quick online comfort quiz.

Now, about your bed…

There’s no question. While Mewer is the household must-have -can-have alongside a fridge, a stove (and maybe those fancy lamps), Bed King offers a variety of easy payment options too such as interest-free monthly payments through Zero Pay. It’s comforting to know that with options like the Mewer Range, and the commitment of trusted brands like Bed King, South Africans on a pinch can still ‘add to cart,’ and rest easy knowing that a good night's sleep is (always) within reach.

For the latest Bed King promotions and specials, visit your nearest Bed King store, or shop online. 

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