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Your Sleeping Position Means More Than You Think

Did you know that according to a top body language expert in the UK, the position in which you sleep can reveal more than you think about your personality when awake? UK based Robert Phipps has identified four positions that hint at the personalities behind the people who are tucked away in bed, with the most favoured sleeping position being the foetal position followed by the log, the yearner and the free faller.

What do the 4 different sleeping positions reveal about us

According to Robert Phipps's theory more than half of the population of the United Kingdom sleep in the foetal position favoured most by worriers.

Sleeping in the Foetal Position

As mentioned above, this sleeping position is favoured by people who have a personality that lends itself towards always worrying. The fact that it is the predominant sleeping position shows that many people have a lot on their minds and tend to worry about their current way of life.

Did you know? The correct pillows can help you get a good night's sleep no matter what position you rest at night in. All of our BedKing stores have a range of different pillows that will suit any and all individual sleeping need.

Sleeping in the log position

The log sleeping position indicates a rigid or stubborn personality and consists of a straight body, with arms and legs by the side. According to Mr Phipps people who sleep in this position can often wake up stiffer than when they went to sleep.

Did you know? A good bed from an accredited bed and sleep specialist can help alleviate the stiffness sometimes associated with this sleep position. Ask one of our trained BedKing staff to assist you in choosing the right bed for your sleeping position.

Sleeping in the yearner position

According to the Phipps sleep position theory the yearner consists of a person lying on one's side with their arms stretched out in front. People who sleep in this position tend to be highly critical of themselves and always expect great results. They generally wake up early and are eager to take on the day.

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Sleeping in the free fall position

The free fall sleep position is physically the worst one for us and consists of the person lying face down and arms outstretched. According to the Phipps theory it is generally used by people who feel that they have little control over their life.

Did you know? Our BedKing staff will always be there to help you chose the right bed and bedroom accessories to suit your budget and your physical sleeping needs. This is because we firmly believe that a good night's sleep sets you up both mentally and physically for the following day. Find out more by paying a visit to your local BedKing store today.

Source: Robert Phipps and the Daily Mail
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