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The Bed King's Warranties and Guarantees

At The Bed King we want you to sleep soundly knowing that your mattress is protected by warranties and guarantees.

While these warranties and guarantees are designed to protect you from any manufacturing defects and as such are honoured by the company that manufactures the products, The Bed King will do our best to help you with any warranty query or problem.

Warranties at The Bed King

FAQ: What is a warranty and how do manufacturers' warranties work?

A warranty is a promise to you by the manufacturers that a defect in your mattress or sleep related product will be repaired or replaced at a pro rata cost depending on the mattress' number of years of use. The manufacturer may decide to repair or replace the mattress at their discretion.

While we do everything that we can to ensure that you sleep well at night, these warranties do not cover problems such as dislike of a product, misuse, comfort related issues, mishandling or a failure to meet requirements outlined in the product's warranty card.

FAQ: What are pro rata costs?

During the warranty period, the manufacturer will contribute to the cost of the repair or replacement of your sleep product on a pro rata basis depending on how old the product is. As the product ages, these pro rata costs will shift towards the owner.

These costs are limited to the product and normally do not include transport.

FAQ: What are the warranty requirements?

Your mattress should be free from any user related damage, such as stains, tears, rips, water damage etc. Your mattress will also have to meet the requirements as set out by its manufacturer in the warranty card.

Guarantees at The Bed King

FAQ: What is a guarantee and how do guarantees work?

A guarantee from the manufacturer stipulates that they will repair and replace your mattress or a sleep related product at their expense within the guarantee period and under specific conditions. While the manufacturer may replace your product, it is up to their discretion whether they replace or repair it.

Should there be a manufacturer's defect in your bed or sleep related product within the guarantee period, the manufacturer will repair or replace your defective mattress at no charge to yourself.

This guarantee does not cover problems such as dislike of a product, misuse, mishandling or a failure to meet requirements outlined in the product's guarantee.

FAQ: What are the costs?

During the guarantee period costs relating to repairs or replacements will be covered by the manufacturer. While transport costs are normally at the expense of the customer, if there is a manufacturer's defect relating to the bed, Bed King or the manufacturer will collect and deliver the product at no cost to the owner.

My Warranty Card and Guarantees

Please make sure that you have read through the details on your warranty card about what is considered a defect and ensure that your product is free from user related wear and tear, stains, rips, tears etc. Due to their nature, the following are not covered by a warranty or guarantee: mattress handles, fabric, stains and soiling, or comfort related issues.

These warranties and guarantees will also not cover damage caused by an incorrect base or support, mattress rotation or misuse or mishandling.

Who do I Contact if There is Something Wrong with my Bed?

The Bed King is always happy to help you with warranty problems or claims. Please contact our customer service department on 0860 25 35 45 with your proof of purchase, invoice number or manufacturer's law labels ready.
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