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Popular Types of Beds in South Africa

There are many types of beds that are popular in South Africa. Below is a comprehensive list of the different varieties of beds with a brief explanation of each one:

Adjustable Beds

These beds have the ability to be either manualy or automatically adjusted into a number of different positions. A good example of this type of bed is the hospital bed.

Air Beds

Air beds have an inflatable mattress and are often connected to an electric air pump. Portable versions of this bed are very popular with campers.


These types of beds are made to accommodate newborn and young infants. They are smaller and more portable than cots.

Brass Beds

Brass beds are beds that have been constructed from brass. They are generally antique (or antique style) beds that and are not as popular as they were a few decades ago.

Bunk Beds

These are one of the most popular types of children's beds in South Africa. They are literally two or more beds built one on top of the other.

Loft Beds

A loft bed is very similar to the bunk beds mentioned above. However there is no lower bunk found on a loft bed which leaves ample space underneath for storage or a play area.

Platform Beds

Also known as chest beds, cabin beds or captains beds, these types of beds have drawers or storage compartments built in underneath.
Read more about platform beds here.

Camp Beds

These are also sometimes referred to as cots and are portable beds used by military and aid organisations around the world as a temporary bed solution.

Four Poster Beds

Four Poster beds are simply beds with four poster at each corner.

Canopy Beds

Similar to the four poster beds found above, these types of beds have four long posts draped with cloth. This cloth sometimes is used to enclose the bed.


Daybeds are couches by day and beds by night. They are NOT fold down sleeper couches however as they do not have separate bed and couch formats.


These traditional Japanese beds are now also available in larger Western styles.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds have a storage area underneath the mattress base. Access to this storage area is via a hinged mattress frame. Here in South Africa they are more commonly known as storage beds.


These are beds with a mattress that is full of water.

Metal Beds

These types of beds should be well known to a certain age group of South African males who would have had to sleep on them in the army. They are based on a simple design first used in the 1850's and are constructed out of iron and steel.
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