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Twin Beds - Advice and Uses from The Bed King

Twin Beds from the The Bed King
Looking for Twin Beds? Look no further than Bed King for the best selection of twin sized beds.

A twin bed is one of a pair of matching single beds that are bought to go together in a bedroom. In South Africa single beds are 91cm wide and 188cm long. Some brands do offer extra length single beds, so you do need to consider your needs. If you are looking for twin beds for a child's room you are unlikely to need extra length.

Twin beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Matching single beds, they are the perfectly suited for so a guest room, your kids' room, for B & Bs and hotels.

Twin beds in your guest room

Perfectly suited to a guest room, more and more people are opting for twin beds as their first choice. There are several reasons for this.
  • When you have people to stay, they are not always a couple so having two twin size beds is a much better option takes the awkwardness out of sleeping arrangements

  • If you have a parent and child to stay, having twin beds means that both will get a good night's sleep, without breaking night time routines

  • When it comes to decorating, the flexibility of two twin bed frames means that you can be creative with the bedroom layout

Twin beds for the kids

Twin size beds solve so many problems when it comes to children's sleeping arrangements.
  • Take for example a family of 5 with only three bedrooms - mom, dad, big sister and two brothers. As set of twin beds means that the two boys can share a room. Twin beds are the perfect solution if you have more children than bedrooms. Siblings who share bedrooms learn very quickly about sharing, respecting other people's space and about boundaries.

  • As kids grow up they have more and more sleepovers, instead of putting their friends on the couch or in the spare room, invest in a set to twin beds. When not being used by friends, the second twin size bed can double up as daybed and become and decorative feature in the room

  • Transitioning from crib to big bed is a major developmental step for many small kids, and one that many struggle with. A set of twin beds frames and mattresses can be a game changer. This allows your child to sleep in his or her own big bed, and provides an extra bed for mom or dad to lie in during those tough nights. It also acts as an example to your little one as to how big people sleep in big beds.

Twin Size Beds for Hotels and B & Bs

Buying twin beds for hotels and B & Bs is a no brainer, especially for B & Bs working on smaller budgets. Not everyone wants to share a double bed, so sometimes room can be left unbooked, but a set of twin size beds solves that problem. Twin beds take the guesswork out of sharing rooms.

With an assortment of twin bed frames and twin mattresses, in a wide range of prices and designs, Bed King's offering suits not only your budget but your aesthetic too. We have experienced staff with expert knowledge to help you make the right choice for you, so call us now for more information.

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