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9 Tips for Moving Your Toddler into a Big-Kid Bed

Making Big Decisions for Little Sleepers

Moving your toddler from a crib to a bed is an important milestone, but the shift can also cause some ruckus. Here are 9 tips to smooth the way to bedtime bliss.

Tick the Boxes
Make sure your child is ready for the move. Are they older than 18 months? Are they potty-trained? Have they started climbing out of the crib? You're good to go!
Time it Right
Don't let the shift coincide with other big changes in your little one's life. If you are expecting another baby, make the move before.
Get Them Involved
Turn it into an adventure. Take them along to the store to help pick out the bed and new bedding. Making it fun eases potential tension.

Choose a Good Bed
Find a bed that your toddler likes and make sure there it can take an attachable guardrail if they're prone to rolling.
Location, Location
Initially, put the bed in the same space that the crib occupied. If you don't change everything all at once, the transition will be easier.
Get Comfy
Make sure that your child will be comfortable on the bed. Pile on their favourite soft toys, blankets and comfort items.

Ease the Transition
To start with, spend some time on the bed outside of naptime. Read, play, cuddle and joke around. Let them get comfortable with the new space.
Stick to Your Routine
Don't disrupt your entire routine. Handle bedtime as you always did and don't expect your child to be completely independent just yet.
Stay Positive
There are going to be a few setbacks. Chances are you'll have a little jack-in-the-box to start with. Roll with the punches & stay positive.

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