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Social Responsibility

Dear Mervyn and Team

On behalf of Reach For A Dream, we thank you most sincerely for your incredible support shown towards our dreamers, most recently Logan. She had no idea we were busy with her room make-over and when her dad carried her in later that evening, her first words were “awwww KWAAI!!!” She absolutely loved it. Mom sent a message later that evening to say that Logan and her siblings had not left the room since. We have no doubt this will make a marked improvement on how Logan is feeling, so we thank you with our most sincere and grateful appreciation for your amazing generosity and kindness shown!

Your wonderful contribution has enabled our organisation to continue to bring hope, joy and healing to children who use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses. It is our sincere prayer that through an extraordinary dream experience, our dreamers and their families will feel renewed strength, hope and motivation to become well again.

On behalf of the Western Cape Reach For A Dream office, it is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for the role you have played in inspiring hope and engendering happiness in the lives of our special dreamers. Thank you for the gifts – gifts of hope and joy – that this contribution has made possible.

Kindest Regards
Heidi Rowley

Reach For A Dream Reach For A Dream

Hi Piet

I have put together some images showing family home from where they were to where they are now.

The day was a resounding success! The morning was spent clearing out the filthy, tattered furniture, beds and bedding, which was done with great enthusiasm by all. After six trailer loads had  been dumped, they all got stuck into scrubbing everything down with disinfectant and tidying up to prepare for the your delivery.

The kids and the mom were bubbling over with excitement when the truck arrived and had a fantastic time opening the boxes and bags and getting their new, clean and organised room in place. They were thrilled and completely overwhelmed with joy. Denise says that at the end of the day the older girl, Cary-Anne told her that this was the best day of her life and she will remember it forever!

Thanks again for everything and for getting it together so quickly. The mom, Francis was immensely grateful because the clean, new, fresh, lovely things means her children will have enough to be warm and comfortable for the first time in winter.

The arrival of your package was a relief for me too, because it means I don’t have to sort out the second set of bedding.


Mandy Smith


Studio 5

Before AfterAfter






We would like to thank everyone involved for organising our cleaning lady Mina with a new bed after her home was burnt down.  Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated.

Mina says a BIG THANK YOU to everyone and says that her new bed is so comfortable she doesn’t want to get up in the morning.

Best Regards,

 Shannon Stanley

Claims Supervisor

(Representative under Supervision) 



Date: 26 /11/13

To: Bed King

Letter of Appreciation and Thanks

Good Afternoon Mervyn,

Thank you for time and sympathetic ear and endeavours to help us continue our work through supplying much needed furniture.

We would like to leave you with a special saying that characterises our work.

“We only pass this way but once.

Therefore any good that you can do for any fellow creature,

Do not defer or neglect it,

For you only pass this way but once!.”

Once again, thank you kindly

Derrick  for CHN (Community Healing Network)



Dear Mervyn - Bed King

There has never been a doubt that a small group of committed and thoughtful people can indeed make a significant difference.

Thank you for your absolute willingness to be a part of making dreams come true and for your wonderful donation of a bed set for Natalie’s room make-over! Natalie also offered some input with exactly what she wanted, choosing her accessories and even helped us paint the walls of her new room. Some beautiful new furniture was added to the room and Natalie's fairy-adorned new hangout was completed. It also reflected elements of a very innovative and special concept shared by Natalie and her family, the 'Circle of Love'. She absolutely loved her new room and got to share the special unveiling moment with her friends and family.

Through your wonderful contribution, you have enabled our organisation to continue to bring hope, joy and healing to South African children who use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses; clinging to magical moments that provide much needed distraction and hope.
Reach for a dream
On behalf of the Cape Town Reach For A Dream office, it is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for the role you played in the fulfilment of Natalie’s special dream.

Kindest Regards
Heidi Rowley
Regional Director
Tel: (021) 555-3013
Fax: (021) 555-3073

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