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Contour Pillows: Designed To Support

Contour pillows are made to give your head and neck better support, whilst maintaining your spine’s natural curvature. Get extra support, without missing out on comfort, with the best contour pillow for your needs.

What Is A Contour Pillow?

Contour pillows are ergonomically designed pillows, which fit and support certain parts of your body perfectly. Contour pillows are typically made from memory foam or other high-quality foam - this ensures healthy support and soft comfort, whilst keeping your head and neck in a natural position and enables your spine to maintain its neutral position during sleep.

Why Use A Contour Pillow?

Sleeping with your head and/or neck in an ‘abnormal’ position night-after-night can often contribute to neck pain and sleepless nights. Using a contour pillow can offer the following benefits:
- Helps improve your posture to improve sleep
- Helps align your neck and back (cervical spine)
- Can reduce snoring
- Can reduce neck ache
- Offers greater comfort while you sleep
- Lasts longer due to retaining its shape

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