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Our Exceptional Pillows

We stock quality bed pillows that benefit your sleep and your spine. Browse our range to find the most comfortable pillows for your specific needs.

We understand how important it is to find the best pillows to sleep on.

Looking for the best pillows South Africa has to offer? Our pillow guide can help you choose which of our high quality, well-priced pillows will suit your requirements?

The Quest For The Best Pillows

Choosing the best pillow for support and comfort is just as important as sleeping on the right mattress.

Why Is Sleeping On The Correct Pillow Important?

Sleeping on the wrong pillow type or pillow size can cause neck pain or stiffness due to placing uncomfortable pressure on your neck and upper spine. The right pillow can help support a healthy posture by aligning your neck and spine while you sleep.

Which Pillows Are The Best?

To help you find the best pillows we need to identify your unique support needs. We can then make recommendations from our select range of classic, contour and boomerang shape pillows and discuss the benefits of the different inners, such as memory foam, latex, down, microfibre and pocket springs.

How To Know Which Pillow Is Right For You

If you're unsure which pillow will support your neck and be the most comfortable pillow to sleep on - use our pillow guide while you shop our pillows online or speak to one of our in-store sleep experts about the perfect pillow for you.

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