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For the most comfortable beds try Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions: the final word in luxurious and comfortable beds

One of the greatest things and most important things for good health and a happy life is a comfortable bed, and Comfort Solutions has created a range of beds that are extremely luxurious and supremely comfortable. The entire range is based around fulfilling individual comfort requirements and providing quality sleep that is quite literally out of this world. Arguably the most comfortable mattresses in the world, when you sleep on a Comfort Solutions mattress you will be transported to a world where you sink into deep dreamy sleep, waking up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the world at large.

Luxurious and comfortable beds

The entire Comfort Solutions range has been designed and created to produce the most comfortable beds and as such the brand has been built around comfort, and the idea that we all have very individual and specific comfort levels. Whether you are a person who likes to sleep on a firm mattress or ultra plush, you are guaranteed to find a perfectly comfortable bed when you sleep on a Comfort Solutions bed.

The Comfort Solutions beds are categorised into comfort levels to make it easy for you to choose a comfortable mattress and base that is best suited to you and what you require from your bed. With five different comfort levels to choose from and a varied range within each level, you can rest easy knowing that you will find the most comfortable bed in the world for you

Conform Range
Conform Range
Mattresses in this comfort level are designed to mould to the shape of your body, providing support, pressure relief and sublime comfort as a result of the superior quality memory foam.

The Matisse
Firm Range
This comfort level offers a firm feeling support that is produced by layers of resilient foam. The firmer surface offers total support to your joints and pressure relief. The even weight distribution achieved by firm comfort provides and undisturbed and heavenly night's sleep on one of the most comfortable beds you will ever sleep on.

The Bellini
The Raphael
Firm Range
Gentle Firm Range
Gentle Firm Range
Referred to as "the best of both worlds", gentle firm comfort provides pressure relief which is thanks to the luxurious layers of comfort foam, and support from a firmer feeling mattress, while the body contouring element provides a level of comfort that makes these such comfortable beds.

The Michelangelo
The Salvador
The Monet
The Van Gogh
The Renoir
Plush Range
This comfort level provides support and the perfect spinal alignment, guaranteeing you incredible quality of sleep. Zero motion transfer is achieved thanks to superior pocket spring technology, while support is provided by layering the finest quality foams. But, what makes a plush bed stand out from the crowd is the luxurious layer of quilting on the mattress cover, providing a cloud-like surface on which to sleep.

The Da Vinci
The Rembrandt
The Donatello
Plush Range
Ultra Plush Range
Ultra Plush Range
This comfort level provides the ideal opportunity for your body to achieve optimal spinal alignment thanks to the highly developed layers of mattress support. The pressure relief and way in which the mattress follows the natural contours of your body, coupled with the no-motion transfer spring technology mean that sleep will be peaceful and supported. But as you sink into the luxurious layers that have been added the mattress top you will feel what set beds in this comfort level apart.

The Picasso

What makes Comfort Solutions beds the most comfortable beds?

Whether you need firm support or want to be engulfed in a soft and luxurious cloud, Comfort Solutions has a comfort level for you. Comfort Solutions beds are made using the finest quality materials, utilising the best bed technology and by harnessing years of experience and expertise in helping people sleep. Visit the Comfort Solutions page to discover the final word when it comes to incredible quality of sleep and comfortable beds beyond compare.

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