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Super King Size Mattress - Sumptuous Luxury

Super king-size creates images of opulence and luxury, fairytale bedchambers and movie sets. But, with a super king-size mattress from Bed King, this dream can be your reality.

Why Buy A Super King Size Mattress?

A super king size mattress is the largest, most luxurious and dreamy standard mattress size available. Our range offers the best quality super king mattresses at each price point and we’re confident you’ll find the best priced super king mattress to suit your pocket and your sleep.

Size Of A Super King Size Mattress

A super king mattress has a width of 200cm and a choice of standard length at 188cm or extra length at 200cm. Our super king size mattresses are available in our select range of mattress technologies, including memory foam, spring systems and latex foam.

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