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Multi-Layered Foam Mattresses

Our range of foam mattresses covers the full spectrum of mattresses - from budget-friendly to premium mattresses, they offer great durability and support. The density of a mattress simply refers to the weight of the foam – the heavier the foam, the denser the mattress and vice versa.

Why Choose A Foam Mattress

Multi-layered foam mattresses offer greater durability, excellent conforming and contouring capabilities, as well as better motion isolation. All of our mattresses include high-density foam, which have better compression ratings after repeated use of the mattress relative to lower-density mattresses.

What Makes Our Foam Mattress Different?

Our multi-layered foam mattresses combine different density foams to create mattresses with exceptional support and a full range of comfort levels. Our foam mattresses are made with 100% Pure Foam and contain no chalks or fillers - giving you outstanding longevity as the foam will not crumble, break or curl.

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