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Excellent Quality Memory Foam Mattresses

Our memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of your body to relieve pressure and support you during sleep. Pick the best memory foam mattress for your needs, at an affordable price.

What Makes A Memory Foam Mattress Great?

Memory foam, also called Viscoelastic foam was originally invented by NASA and this technology brought us memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are solid and dense, but due to their viscoelastic properties, they soften when you lie on them and bounce back afterwards. This also gives them a very high energy-absorbing ability - decreasing motion transfer. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses have a longer lifespan to benefit your sleep for years to come.

Benefits of Our Memory Foam Mattresses

Our range of memory foam mattresses offer superior support and promote spine alignment by using your body’s heat and weight to mould to your exact shape. This also relieves pain or discomfort by relieving pressure on, for example, your joints. Our memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic - ensuring your mattress stays dust, mould and allergen-free. Additionally, some of our memory foam mattresses are made with temperature-regulating materials to offer a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

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