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Our Favourite Main Bedroom Mattresses

If you’ve ever found a group of people who take their mattresses seriously, it’s us. We’d like to let you in on a little secret - these are our very favourite main bedroom mattresses.

Yes, Your Main Bedroom Mattress is Meant to Last

Here’s something not every bed retailer would like you to know - when you invest in a good main bedroom mattress, it’s meant to last. Our selection right here features some the most affordable and durable mattresses in each price range on the market today. Have a look and take your pick - you can’t go wrong with one of our long-lasting mattresses.

Not Sure Which One? We Have It Down To a Science

When we pair people with mattresses we don’t like to play it by ear. This is why we are proud to leverage proprietary pressure-mapping technology that helps us offer tailor-made main bedroom mattress recommendations based on what your body tells us when you lie down in the Comfort Solutions Lab® at your nearest Bed King branch. All you need to do is call ahead or fill in our form to book your spot.

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