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Euro Top Mattresses – Lavish Orthopaedic Support

Euro top mattresses have an extra layer of foam built into the mattress providing extra cushioning, contouring and comfort. These mattresses are beautifully plush, luxurious and made for incredible sleep.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top Mattress

Euro tops, like pillow-top mattresses, have extra layers of memory or latex foam, fibres, gel or wool on top of the mattress. On the Euro top, however, these layers are integrated inside the core mattress ticking, whereas traditional pillow tops are typically attached on top of the mattress. Euro top mattresses offer more support and durability, thicker and denser top construction and premium stitching to prevent the top shifting.

Our Euro Top Mattress Range

We offer exceptionally durable euro top mattresses that have been manufactured according to the discerning specifications of our expert design team right here in South Africa to ensure that we can offer you the best euro top mattress in your price range. Find a euro top mattress at a price you’re happy to pay and experience what ultimate support and plush comfort feels like today.

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