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Delightful Double Bed Mattresses

While double bed mattresses might not be the perfect size for all couples, it’s typically the preferred bed size for the main bedroom in smaller houses and apartments. That said, you’ll find many guest rooms, student digs and even teenager rooms are furnished with double bed mattresses.

How A Double Bed Size Makes A Difference

In moderately sized rooms, this bed size offers a spacious sleeping surface whilst also leaving enough room to add a few bedroom furniture pieces like bedside tables and an ottoman. Our range of double bed mattresses include latex, memory foam and spring-loaded technologies.

Double Mattress Sizes And Prices

The standard length of a double bed mattress size is 188cm, while the extra length is 200cm. The width of a double bed mattress is 137cm. Our range of exclusive, proudly South African mattresses have been tailored with the needs of our valued clientele in mind and offer you the best double bed mattresses at each price point.

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