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Mattress Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

What is a warranty and guarantee?

A warranty serves as an agreement between the customer and manufacturer that promises to replace or repair goods purchased within a specified time period. It is normal for the consumer to contribute to warranty costs, and these costs are worked out at a pro rata rate depending on the number of years that the goods have been in use.

Please note that the warranty is in no way an indication of the lifespan of the mattress for which it has been issued. It is also important to note that the warranty is null and void in the cast of a change of mind, choosing the wrong comfort level, failure to follow manufacturers instructions or misuse of the goods under warranty. We also reserve the right to refuse inspection and to invalidate the warranty if the product is deemed to be soiled, burnt, stained, infested with insects or in an unsanitary condition.

A guarantee is an agreement between the manufacturer and the customer that damaged or defective goods will be repaired or replaced**, at no additional cost to the customer, within a certain time frame, subject to conditions.

As above the guarantee does not apply to a change of mind or choosing the wrong comfort level, failure to follow manufacturers instructions or misuse of the goods under guarantee.

The guarantee will also lapse if the product is deemed to be soiled, burnt, stained, infested with insects or in an unsanitary condition.

*Most manufacturers and international mattress specialists recommend replacing your mattress every seven to ten years.
**The decision whether to replace or repair is subject to the manufacturer's discretion.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my bed?

The staff at Bed King are on hand to offer any assistance with warranty claims. Feel free to email our Customer Service Centre on or call us on 0860 25 35 45 or contact the retailer that you purchased the mattress from. Please ensure that you have your proof of purchase/invoice handy.

I bought my bed from Bed King, but who honours the warranty?

Both the warranties and guarantees are issued by the manufacturers themselves as they are put in place to protect against manufacturing faults. As the sellers of these products we are happy to assist in any way we can to get any issues sorted out between you and the manufacturers.

Do I need to keep my proof of payment and other documentation?

Absolutely yes! The manufacturers will need proof of purchase in order to process any warranty/guarantee claims. Keep your receipt, paperwork and all the labels (if you remove these from the mattress). We suggest you leave all the mattress tags in place as they might have relevant information such as model number, date of manufacture etc.

What are the basic warranty requirements?

  • Your mattress must not have any signs of wear and tear, for example it must not have stains or dirty marks, rips, tears or any other damage that is not part of your claim.
  • It must adhere to all the stipulations set out in the warranty/guarantee documentation.

What happens if there is a fault with my bed and I need to make a claim?

  • Within the guarantee period the manufacturer will repair or replace your defective mattress at no extra charge.
  • In some cases it might be necessary for you to re-select a new mattress to replace your defective one, for example when your mattress needs to be replaced but the specification has been discontinued.
  • In the event that your product needs to be repaired it will be collected and re-delivered at no extra charge.
  • In the case of a replacement being issued by the manufacturer, the manufacturer will deliver a new product and pick up the defective one at no extra charge.
  • In cases where the mattress needs to be delivered more than 100km from major metro areas, the customer will be responsible for the cost of delivery.

How do I begin the warranty process if there is a problem?

It is important to understand what is regarded as a defect by the manufacturer so first of all make sure you read your warrant/guarantee documents carefully. If you still feel you have a valid claim, then make sure that you meet the criteria set out (no stains, rips or damage caused by wear and tear). Then contact Bed King's Customer Service department on 0860 25 35 45 and will assist you.

What is not covered by my warranty/guarantee?

As all manufacturers have their own conditions we suggest you read your specific warranty/guarantee carefully.

Generally speaking the following are NOT covered:
  • Mattress handles.
  • General wear and tear of fabric.
  • Replacement of units that are not defective, but that simply don't match.
  • Damage caused by incorrect use of mattress, for example, where a guest room mattress sufficient for a 90kg person is used for a 120kg person.
  • Stains or soiling - see below for more information about how to protect your mattress fabric. Damage caused by insufficient turning/rotation of the mattress (if specified that this is necessary).
  • Incorrect support from a weak or broken bed base/frame - see below for more information.
  • Damage caused by misuse or mishandling.
  • Incorrect comfort level.
  • Body Impressions less than 40mm deep

My adjustable bed is not working as it should. What do I do?

First of all it is very important that you don't force the bed into any positions as is likely to cause damage that is not covered by your warranty/guarantee. Contact Bed King immediately and we will assist. We have access to manufacturer approved technicians who will help you resolve the problem.

Important Warranty/Guarantee Information

  • Fabric Protection: If there are any signs of staining or soiling on your mattress fabric the warranty/guarantee becomes void. We strongly recommend that all our customers make use of mattress protectors. They preserve and protect the mattress surface, and are available from any of our stores.
  • Mattress Rotation: This will depend on the make and model of your mattress. Some manufacturers require their mattresses to turned or flipped on a regular basis. This allows the upholstery fabric and foam layers to breathe and to regain their original feeling and form. Failure to follow these instructions could cause permanent damage and could void your warranty/guarantee. If you have bought a 'no flip' mattress but only be required to regularly rotate the mattress from head to toe as per the instructions in the mattress warranty card. Check your warranty/guarantee documents to determine what you need to do. If you do need to turn your mattress ensure that you follow the instructions regarding how and how often.
  • Bed base information: This is VERY important to note - using the incorrect foundation for your mattress, for example with arched/bounce slats or slats that are spaced more than 25mm apart, can cause your warranty/guarantee to become void. We recommend pairing matching bases with mattresses wherever possible as this eliminates support problems - in order to increase the longevity and quality of your mattress it is vital that it has the proper support structure. During use, both mattress and base wear out together - the base not only provides support to the mattress but also the the person sleeping on it - so it stands to reason that when you buy a new mattress you should also buy a new base.
*** In cases of bed frames with slats being too far apart placing a solid top over the slats could easily remedy your problem.

If you have any further questions, or need advice and help with a claim, please Contact Us.

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