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5 Natural Ways to Quit Snoring

December 06, 2018

Snoring getting boring? Here are 5 natural remedies

There is literally nothing fun about snoring. It disrupts your sleep, you wake up with a sore throat and a dry mouth, and your bed partner is highly unlikely to be very enthused about the entire situation. So, what can you do? If those scary-looking breathing apparatus and nasal stickers that are being advertised in popular media has you running for the hills, we have good news - there are other things you can try.

Here are five natural ways to reduce the likelihood of nightly snoring:

Switch Up Your Sleep Style

You are far more likely to snore it up if you are sleeping on your back. Make a move to your side to open your airways and pave the way for more restorative rest.

Lose A Few Kilogrammes

If you have excess fatty tissue in your neck and throat area, this could very well be causing a blockage or narrowing of your airways. Losing a few kilogrammes by adjusting your diet and exercise routine could make a big difference in this regard.

Behave Yourself Before Bed

Your lifestyle choices in the few hours before bedtime has a big impact on whether you’ll be spending the evening in REM-dreamland or if you’ll be snoring away in light slumber. Avoid alcohol, which interferes with your natural sleep cycle; prescription sleeping pills that relax your mouth and throat muscles, leading to snoring; as well as smoking, which is directly linked to various sleep-disturbing conditions, including apnea.

Rethink Your Sleeping Surface

If you’ve had your mattress and bedding for a while, it might be time to consider an investment in a new sleep surface. A soft, sagging mattress does not provide proper support, and duvets and pillows that have been in circulation for a while are often a hotbed of bacteria and other allergens that could exacerbate snoring.

Get Moving During Daytime

Exercise not only promotes weight loss, it also improves muscle tone throughout your body, enabling your soft palate and throat to maintain their shape while you sleep.

So there you have it - five simple ways in which you can reduce the likelihood of nightly snoring by making a few lifestyle changes. Keep an eye on the blog in the new year for more helpful advice on getting quality sleep. Or better yet - come see in person in store! Our branches countrywide now feature the revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab®, an exciting new system that assesses your body’s unique pressure points and recommends the comfort-graded mattress best suited to your needs.

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