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Upcycle Christmas stuff to decorate like a champ in 2018

January 09, 2018

Upcycle Christmas stuff to decorate like a champ in 2018

Are you keen to liven up your home in the new year, but not feeling all that flush? Step right up, we have a great selection of DIY ideas that will help you to upcycle Christmas stuff to decorate like a champ in 2018. Here goes!

Get Creative With Tinsel

For the love of Pete, don’t chuck the tinsel folks! There are so many ways to reuse it. For one, you can make this amazing piece of art. All you need is a nice deep photo frame, a white paint pen and some cool handwriting. Write your chosen quote on the glass, leave to dry and pile the inside of the frame with your leftover tinsel. Ta-da! Hang this over your bed, and your room will be transformed. Alternatively, you could use it as packing material when shipping or transporting fragile items - just imagine how festive the recipient will feel when they open a box of shiny Christmas magic.

Strip the Christmas Tree

If you use a live tree as your living room centrepiece over the holidays, there are many ways to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste. First off, strip the pine needles. It can be used as a reviving tea to calm your digestive tract after holiday excesses, or you can use it in potpourri to keep your home smelling fresh. As for the trunk, if you’ve got a jigsaw handy, it can be cut down into rings to use as coasters or even transformed into tree decorations for the following year - simply paint it with a few festive symbols like stars and holly leaves.

Bottle It Up

Lots of empty glass bottles left over after the many holiday events you had to host? Wonderful! Round it all up. Some can be turned into a cool modern vases (which also happen to make wonderful gifts when you’re a little skint later in the year). If you feel like upping the DIY ante, you could turn glass bottles into hors d'oeuvres serving trays, or use leftover candy wrappers to gild it for use as decorative decanters (our personal favourite!).

See, what did we tell you? There’s no need to do away with those festive trimmings - make it into something innovative and cool for your home. Now go have a merry festive season and remember to get plenty of rest so you can tackle 2018 with the verve it deserves.

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