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Buying A Bed? Here's Why You Should Try the Comfort Solutions Lab®

October 22, 2019

 Find out more about the Bed King Comfort Solutions Lab®

Buying a mattress can be a tricky thing - there are so many different variables to consider. In the end it all comes down to nighttime comfort, but there are lots of important decisions to be made along the way. E.g. do you prefer a very firm mattress or one with a little give? Pocket spring, memory spring, memory foam or foam core? Not to mention the countless options that are available on the market in terms of bedding and linen, of course. 

Fortunately, there is now a simple way to narrow down your options and find the bed that is perfectly suited to your unique comfort requirements. Bed King recently rolled out the revolutionary Comfort Solutions Lab® based on pressure-point technology developed internationally. Here are three reasons to give it a try next time you have to shop for a new mattress in South Africa. 


It Saves You Time

Utilising pressure-mapping technology to accurately determine clients’ comfort and support needs, the exclusive Comfort Solutions Lab® will pinpoint the right mattress for your needs within five minutes. So, instead of having to spend hours moving from one bed to the next, the feedback from this trailblazing unit will point you in the right direction from the word go. 

It’s Unprejudiced

Even the most seasoned sales assistant has their personal favourites - certain brands and units they like more than others. The Comfort Solutions Lab®, on the other hand, is completely impartial. By taking the reading of your body’s pressure points and providing the in-store personnel with detailed technical feedback, it ensures that every customer receives tailored, unprejudiced recommendations. 


At Bed King, we believe in providing our clientele with added value at every turn. This is why we make our Comfort Solutions Lab® technology available to our customers at no extra charge. You simply need to call ahead to your nearest Bed King branch to make an appointment, so we can ensure that one of our knowledgeable technicians are available when you come around. 

There you have it - three excellent reasons to try out the Comfort Solutions Lab® next time you buy a bed. Would you like to know more about the science of sleep and what you can do to pave the way for a restorative night’s rest? Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months; we’ll be sharing more expert tips and insider info right here. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay informed of special offers and more.

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